Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trip Diary Tidbits!

So many parks with slides, swings and walking trails(and wow! so many walkers!!)!!!

Impressive online train ticket booking system. Order online (with a Rs. 40 service charge) and the tickets arrive by courier in 2 days!!

The 'Anju Maadi Kattadams' of Usman road can clothe the entire mankind!! "Oru naal podhuma..." and aadi thallupadi or aaLa thallupadi?? Yemma!!

I know, I said this but watching 2 even 3 at a time isn't a bit too much?!!

NRIs are next only to 'theeviravaadeess' and 'arasiyalvaadhees' in getting bashed. Onga oora, enga oora, namma oora??

Last but not least, a very sad revelation that my system doesn't handle kalyana saapadu anymore!! :(


Raju said...

My thoughts exactly on paras 1, 3 and 4.. BTW, 'onga oora..' segment puriyale.. explain plz..

On ur last tidbit, paavam neengga.. I was also worried about myself, since my system was showing danger signs after eating spicy Indian food of New Jersey restaurants.. I was pleasantly surprised that I could get back to my 'Mayabazaar' form during my brother's wedding.

Anu said...

//Onga oora, enga oora, namma oora??

Enna unmaiyaana vaarthaigal... Infact I stay only in Bangalore but I still couldnt call it as "En Ooru".. Chennai or Coimbatore is what I call "En Ooru".. Everyone of us staying away from "home town" will have this feeling.. good thoughts Aparna..

Me too said...

Raju, have you watched "Hyderabad Blues"? I am in a state like how Varun says, "where is home?". And in a rare slip of the tongue, I say "enga oorule...", "namma ooru" people will pounce on me saying, "ippo adhu onga ooru-a". But all other times my place of residence will be refered to as "onga ooru"!!!

Anurama, welcome! The problem is 'namma ooru' people refer the place I live in as 'onga ooru', and 'indha ooru' don't consider me 'namma ooru(kaari)'!!

Jinguchakka said...

Your system could handle only burgers, :-)
Yeah, what you say about "ooru" is true.

D LordLabak said...

Entire pondy bazaar is a huge mall. Kalyana saappadu - India trip what a jodi?

I said...

singara chennai hangover a?

Raju said...

got u... I too felt that this time.. Home is where the heart is.. :)

Anonymous said...

pon malai aruvi panneer thoovi
pon malai azhagin sugam endhaadho...

hope there are still some places in TN for whom those lines apply!

Me too said...

JC, nakkala? That reminds me, Ethana naal aachu burger saaptu(ipellaam pis(z)asu dhaan)!!

Deepa, yes, mahaaa... maaa..ll!!

I, enga baashaile, 'asai podudhal'!

Raju, :)

ttm, I am sure there are!