Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Malampuzha Dam

Some pictures from the nice trip we made to Malampuzha Dam about 60 kms from Kovai. The timing was perfect with river malampuzha brimming from the never-fail West coast monsoon showers and temperature just right to take a stroll over the dam or see the aerial view from the rope car ride or explore the gardens! With mountains and water and greenery, what more could we ask for!

The beautiful garden view from atop the dam

Another view of the garden but this picture taken from the rope-car ride

The dam!

River Malampuzha with a lakshman joola type bridge across.

A nice 20 mins ride on the rope car is a complete paisa vasool[Rs. 20 (or was it Rs. 30?)]

Kaalinga nardhana Krishnaa!

Many more fountains through out the park

Mountain view from the dam

The bridge to Malampuzha dam!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to see Mazhampuzha still as green as ever and not go the ooty way!!

Mazhampuzha-nu sonnaale one thing comes to mind...On a school trip, mazhampuzha which was the last destination on a multi-stop Kerala tour got cancelled due to time constraints. Monday morn, princy during her lecture, announced in the assembly that the Twelthies have just returned from a refreshing tour seeing places like X, Y, Mazhampuzha to which the girls promptly shouted "No Mazhampuzha!!" in unison!! They got a severe tongue-lashing and asked to stay in detention for shouting like that and the princy commended the boys for showing mature restraint, we nearly fell over each other in laughter hearing the praise showered on us!

Fond memories indeed.

Jinguchakka said...

Do they allow to see the Hydel project there?

kuttichuvaru said...

i remember goin on a college tour with one of the pitstops being this place!! appo ellam evan dam azhagu ellam rasichaan... ellam kadalai business-la romba busy!!!

PS: naan matha pasangala sonnen... naan romba nallavan!!

Raju said...

The pics are good.. The garden looks pretty nice. Interesting to know that even such a small place has got the rope car facility. Looks like I must visit during my next tour to CBE...

mitr_bayarea said...

Nice pictures, haven't been to the Coimbatore area, but seeing these snaps, it looks like a visit to the Malampuzha dam would be worth.

Rope car ride-a in that area- surprising! Naan etho cable-car ride means Sentosa Island in Singapore, Disney, Seaworld etc. rangele thaan available nitu nenaichen.

I said...

Welcome back and all that.

Me too said...

ttm, 'Pasumai niraindha ninaivugale'-va!

JC, I am not sure!!

KC, naan nambitten!! ;)

Raju, you certainly should. There is a light show too in the late evening which we had to miss.

Mitr, "Naan etho cable-car ride means Sentosa Island in Singapore, Disney, Seaworld etc. rangele thaan available nitu nenaichen" - namma oorla idha madhiri pesineenganna semathiya vizhum!!

I, thanks and all! :)

Has to be me said...

Nice pics. I remember to have gone there few yrs ago. This post revived my memories of the same! :)

Anonymous said...

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