Friday, December 08, 2006

FM - "சொல்லு(or not!)"

சொல்லாயோ - மோகமுள்

சொல்லாமல் தொட்டு செல்லும் - தீனா

சொல்லத்தான் - சொல்லத்தான் நினைக்கிறேன்

சொல்லாமலே - பூவே உனக்காக

சொல்லாதே - சொல்லாமலே


SKM said...

onnum thonala.Mind is blank today.:(

ttm said...

jikki's vanna vanna soll eduthu from senthamizhpaatu :)

Me too said...

skm, oh oh!

ttm, did you mean "solli solli"? And the singer of 'vanna vanna' shows as Sunanda.

ttm said...

did you mean "solli solli"?
??? i didnt understand.

sunandha -> an incorrect listing(just like Sujata's name is mentioned for Oru Iniya Manadhu in place of Jency). Jikki was the singer.

ttm said...

of course senthamizhpattu reminds us of Chinna Chinna, the popular hit. After its diwali '92 release, it used to play non-stop in the bajji/tea shop outside my tuition center!!! those were the days.. :)

I said...

TTM, u come across as a mushy nostalgic.

ME2, this blogger meta suck, illayo?

ttm said...

I, everything was better those days(except maybe Test cricket), dont u think? Is there a film/album today that you can talk abt days after its release?

G said...

A surprise package.. very well led by 'Sollayo..'. Hari was awesome in 'Sollamal..'. I was thinking of 'Solli solli' song, but, I guess that not being a full song might have prompted u not to include it, right?

TTM, those days!!! mmm.. when IR c'd do nothing wrong and deliver hits after hits in days' time.. Nowadays, one has to wait for months to listen to a new hit album.. Nostalgia dhan..

G said...

Now I know what 'I' said.. this 'g' above and in this comment is me, Raju.. couldnt log on using my blogger account..

Syam said...

joober collections :-)

Me too said...

ttm, I meant this, another song from the same movie sung by SPB in the same tune as 'vanna vanna'.

i, aiyo! Adhai en kekkakareenga! Theriyathanama beta-le maattikitten!!

g(p!), "sollayo" indeed led to this FM!

ttm & raju, somehow I love the 80s IR songs the best!! IMO, 90s belonged to ARR though the 'Ennai thaalatta varuvaala' totally bowled me(back!)!

syam, danks!