Friday, December 22, 2006

FM - 'பனி'

'பனித்துளி' - கண்ட நாள் முதல்

'பனி விழும் மலர்வனம்' - நினைவெல்லாம் நித்யா

'பனி விழும் இரவு' - மௌன ராகம்

'பனி விழும் பருவநிலா' - பன்னீர் நதிகள்

'பனியில்லாத' - ஆனந்த ஜோதி


Raju said...

:) Xmas is almost there but no signs of pani here.. Waiting for the first sight of snow (mm i know i would hate it the first time onwards).. So it is literally 'paniyilladha margazhi'..

Needless to say the songs are lovely.. esp. the first three.. but the funny part of 'Pani vizhum' is some weird dance in the middle which is really unique.. Whenever i discuss the song with my friend(s), that dance would always be mentioned..

Happy Holidays!! Merry Xmas!!

ttm said...

Listening to ilampani thulir vidum here for an interesting narration by "arun".

Jinguchakka said...

"Aasai" padathula kooda oru paatu irukkO?
Disclaimer: I am no expert.

Syam said...

nice songs...aana inga pani vilundhurumonu bayamaa iruku... :-)

SKM said...

Wish you a merry christmas and very happy Newyear to you.
Have a happy Holidays.

Me too said...

raju, no white Christmas, huh? My friends in the northeast say that the winters have become mild since our move!!
Yes, 'pani vizhum malarvanam' and almost all other songs from 'NN' had funny dance steps.

ttm, I was listening to this 'ilampani' song in musicindiaonline while (re)searching for (more) 'pani' songs. It is a haunting melody and remember listening to it on vividhabharathi often!

jc, that song is 'pulveli, pulveli' (followed by panithuli)! Not bad for a non-expert!!

syam, panikku payandhu dhaan oora vittu oditeengala!!

skm, thanks and wish you the same!

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Pani illadha margazhiya" suffered from very inane lyrics....

Balaji said...

i think this selection has the most number of my favorites among all ur friday selections :)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

Happy holidays.Wish you a very happy and prosperous newyear "MeToo".--SKM

Sriram said...

And no, it has nothing to do with "global warming".


P.S: damn blogger beta.

Me too said...

b(k), probably they made sense in their days!

balaji, aah! Then it might even snow in GA or CA!!

skm, thanks and wish you the same.

sriram, do you know of any blogger beta return policy?

Syam said...

Wish you a Wonderful New Year!!!

paniku payanthu ellam oora vittu oodala...(naanga keela vilundhaalum meesaila man ottathu) :-)