Tuesday, April 17, 2007


On imse's anbu thollai, I've succumbed to the temptation of doing a recipe post!

(Eggless) Banana Bread


1 and 1/3 cups Flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
pinch of salt

1 and 1/4 cup mashed banana
1 tsp oil
1/3 cup buttermilk

1/4 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
2 tsp vanilla essense (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 F

Grease with butter (or use non-stick spray) a 9 x 5 inch Loaf pan

Mix dry ingredients

To mashed bananas, add oil, buttermilk & vanilla

Pour mixture into dry ingredients & mix

Add walnuts & stir

Pour batter into prepared pan

Bake 45-55 mins

P.S. - Wish I was an illusionist(very much enjoyed it!)! Should atleast try & learn some photo tricks!


Bala (Karthik) said...

My brother-in-law used to pronounce banana as "bananana" (of course when he was a kid)!!

Preheat oven
Objection, your honor! An oven can only be in two states - heated and not heated. What is 'preheat'? Is 'heating' the oven different from 'preheating'?
Ennadhidhu, Remba pesareno? :)

Aravind said...

hi ,
the fotos look inviting.
i just noticed something weird.your atom/rss feed shows around 4 posts for the day but the actual webpage shows only one. just wanted to tell u. or mebbe the page did not get refreshed or something..

Aravind said...

ok.jus found that ur rss feed is kinda crappy showing older posts as new..

Me said...

...ah surprise ...recipe poduveenga nu edhir paakala...& banana bread recipe varum nu konjam kooda nenaichi paakala...

...i haven't used my oven for more than an year...it is time for a grand reopening ..will try it out soon;)

...btw do u plan to do neyar virupam...i have a big list :p

..& i haven't tried the 7 cup cake yet...ippo lam vara varam mysorepaak...my wife does it pretty well..

ttm said...

Grocery stores used to categorize bananas into 5-6 types based on degree of ripeness..used to get totally confused while buying!!

Reminds me of making banana chips, a long overdue project.

Me too said...

b(k), vara vara en ponnukku mela kelvi(good ones!) kekkareenga! ;)
Never thought about why the preheat but after you asked I went online and found this.

aravind, thanks. rss feed(or whatever!) isn't to be blamed. I labeled a few old posts and published. BTW, do you get notifications about new posts with this rss feed?

me, chumma, 'I will try it' solli veinga, as usual! Neyar viruppama? haiyo!
Aaha, vaara vaaram mysorepak-a! Indha maadhiri wife kedachadukku evalavu aapu vena vaangalaam, ille!! ;)

ttm, generally, I make banana bread to use up the over-ripe bananas which none would want to have appadiye! Banana chips project-a? Ennakku oru parcel!!

Bala (Karthik) said...

Adada... naan 'preheat' nu oru extra vaarthaye thevai illa nu sonna neenga adharkku porul vilakkatha thareengale :)
Ok, indha matter-a adutha medayil continue pannuvom :)

SKM said...

yeppodhirundhu Food blog aa marichu.But its a good one.:)

Idhaiyae Muffin type la saiyalam.
Very easy to make,tastes good.


Me said...

SKM: is trythisrecipe ur blog?

Me2: ...enna pathi ippadi oru assumption..cha avamanam...

..this week i shopped too much...
brinjal & bell peppers for sambhar
cabbage for kootu
beans and vazhai poo for paruppu usli
patra leaves for patra vada..

...so yedha panradhu edha vidradhu ney therla...

irundhalum ..yesterday i went & shopped everything from pan to walnuts...wanted to make this as todays breakfast...but enna panradhu thoogi ezhundhukarathuku late aazhidichi...so naaliki dhan...

ttm said...

me too,
seeing 100gm chips selling for $3/$4, no other alternative. Of course shops like Cherians will be the exception :)

Me too said...

b(k), oh, summa dhamasa! Anyway, I learnt something!

skm, Food blog-kku trial run!
I've tried the muffin recipe too. The cleaning of the muffin pan puts me off and I end up making the bread most times!!

me, paruppu usli, patra vada... wah-re-wah!
Leisurely-a idha oru weekend breakfast-a plan pannunga. You can try muffins during the week-day as they take less time to bake.

ttm, there is this plantain chips(though tastes very different from our banana chips) generally in the 'goya' aisle of supermarkets which we've come to love(can't seem to the remember the brand name!). I found it in the International farmer's market too.

alex said...

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SKM said...

Thats not my blog,But some of my recipes are there, some more will come there.

ME, if you do patra fresh, it will be good.If you keep it inside, then it is difficult to remove those spins and nalla varadhu.

SKM said...

muffins ku removable cups kidaikudhu.Use them.No mess there.

Me too said...

skm, thanks for the tip! I made muffins minus the mess today!