Friday, April 27, 2007

FM - 'குயில்'

குயிலே - கவிக்குயில்

குயிலே குயிலே - ஆண் பாவம்

குயில் பாட்டு - என் ராசாவின் மனசிலே

குயிலே குயிலே - என் பொம்முக்குட்டி அம்மாவுக்கு

குயிலுக்கு - Friends


kuttichuvaru said...

unga 'mayil' post-la naan already 3 songs with kuyil comment-la pottutten :-) refer to tat!! yeah, I am lazy!!!

Munimma said...

btw, other animals/birds for future topics - seval, maan, kaalai/maadu, the generic paravai :-) Just helping you out.

that kavikuyil song is one of my forgotten favorites.

Syam said...

ore edible items ah irukku few weeks ah :-)

Anonymous said...

kuyil paatu: what a great song! I saw part of this song for the first time on Ktv sometime in 2000, then when was launched in 2K4, it was featured as the first song of the day. Kept listening to it in unending loop that day.

syam edhayum vittu vekka maataaru pola :)

Raju said...

all the first four are gr8 songs indeed.. with 'kavikuyil' truly topping the list.. I think IR liked Kuyil veery much.. this, along with 'Kuyila pudichu' are lovely ones.

Me too said...

kc, mayil-nna, kuyil-nneenga. Kuyil-nna, enna solla poreengannu paartha, chappunu panniteengale!

munimma, you are such a big help! What will ever do without you! ;)

syam, unga samayalukku help dhaan!

ttm, great song, no link!

raju, music-nnu vandhutta kuyil pudikkaama enna!!