Friday, April 06, 2007

FM - "மயில்"

மயில் பொல - பாரதி

மயிலே மயிலே - கடவுள் அமைத்த மேடை

மயிலிறகே - அன்பே ஆருயிரே

(தோகை இள)மயில் - பயணங்கள் முடிவதில்லை


Deepa said...

Mayil pola is a beautiful song. Wonmder why Bavatha doesn't sing as much post-marriage!

Munimma said...

There is one in a Prabhu/Sivakumar/Aswini(?) movie, mayile mayile something something.

Then of course prabhu again with mayila pudichu kaala odachu...

intha week nalla mazhaya?

kuttichuvaru said...

interestingly, mayil features in a lot of songs in the second line coz kuyil overtakes it in the first line. examples:

1. kuyilukku koo koo koo - Friends
2. koo koo koo koovum kuyilakka - Valli
3. kuyila pudichu - chinna thambi

donno y kuyil has been preferred over mayil :-) oru velai kuyil curry is tastier than mayil curry..... he he..... I donno!!

Syam said...

//oru velai kuyil curry is tastier than mayil curry//

kutti, taste nu vandha rendum onnu thaan...but mayil curry quantity athigama irukkum :-)

Syam said...

ithula enaku pudichathu mayil iragey...

Dushti said...

You missed mayilu mayilu mayilamma from VIP !

Awatts said...

Ellame nalla choice..aana thogai illa mayil - othukka kuttichuvaru pointed out...kuyil tops the list...and i love the mayilu mayilu mayalamma from VIP. Awesome song..and music

Me too said...

Deepa, is that so?

munimma, that one is "malaiyoram mayile". April started off(i.e. on the 1st) with nalla mayai! Ippo only freeze warning!!

kc, thankfully some mayil songs were composed for my FM's sake!!

syam, such a wonderful song wasted on that guy!!

dushti & ajitha, so many VIP 'mayilu' song fans, eh? I didn't think it quite qualified in the melody category.

ajitha, pinna, thogai-nnu oru melody potta paattu theradhey.

Raju said...

Mayile mayile is my fav in the list... though 'Mayilarage' would have surely been if not for SJ Surya.

Me too said...

raju, I somehow thought 'thogai ila mayil' would overtake 'mayile mayile'!