Friday, May 11, 2007

FM - "தாலாட்டு"

தாலாட்டு - அச்சாணி

தாலாட்டு மாறி போனது - உன்னை நான் சந்தித்தேன்

தாலாட்டும் பூங்காற்று - கோபுர வாசலிலே


Munimma said...

nice! could go to sleep :-)

would thalathuthey vaanam qualify?

Balaji said...

The 1st song that came to mind when i saw the title was 'ennai thaalaatta varuvaala'. but i guess u disqualified it on the technicality of the 'ennai' start :)

munimma, great choice. love that song('kadal meengal', right?) and it would definitely qualify, i think :)

The Talkative Man said...

The word 'Thalaatu' often brings to my mind the malayalee professor with a singsong voice from MBA dept who taught us Engineering Economics - nicknamed 'thaalaatu paadagar' by my classmates.
We were in deep state of hypnosis, thanks to the subject content + singer's talent :-)

Keerthi said...

hey, ! you are back to blogging ?
didnt notice.. kalakkal !

inime, friday friday FM pottra vendiyadhu dhaan ! :P

Raju said...

I really need some thalaattu during nights to get over my jetlag.. may be ur songs will help.. :)

Me too said...

munimma, thalattudhey vaanam was a (your) birthday spl. loong time back!

bb, disqualified not only b'cos of technicality but also because of no repeat policy!

ttm, Malayalee Professor and thalattu? Most of my Malayali teachers had such commanding voice that not even a 'kozhi thookkam' was possible!

keerthi, "you are back to blogging ?
didnt notice.." Seriya pochu! It is almost close to anniversary time since my return to regular blogging after my break! Anyway, welcome back!

raju, jetlag-a? 'Thaai manne vanakkam'-a?

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Thaalaatudhey vaanam" - Kadal Meengal

Munimma said...

no repeat-a? bayangara memory! poraamaya irukku!

Me said...

seri next recipe eppo??

ttm said...

me2, neenga vera...nasal malayalee accent kaettaale kann thaana moodum.

Deepa said...

How could you?
Thalaattudhey vaanam should be first in the list. Remember Kamal, Sujatha on a boat?

Deepa said...

Oops didnt read other comments. Kadal meengal it is. Thank you balakarthik.

Me too said...

b(k) and deepa, ivalavu naal andha super annathey paattey vittu vechiruppena?

munimma, ya, bayangara memory for such 'very important' things! Not when it comes to phone nos, ssnos!!

me, ippo!! ;)

ttm, hopefully you didn't have too many malayali professors! ;)