Friday, May 12, 2006

Special Friday Melody!

"Ennavar's" birthday special melody!

Ennai thalatta - Kadhalukku Mariyadhai

Sattham illadha - Amarkalam

Krishna Kripa - Sargam

And Mother's day special,

Arariraro - Raam


Has to be me said...

Happy bday 2 ur 'avar'. Have a blast! :)
Also mothers day sp can be - Amma endru azaikatha uyir ellaiya - from Mannan

Hubby said...

Thanks. Now, how about that big screen LCD TV? :)

mitr_bayarea said...


Enjoy ur special other's bday.

Mother's day special, my fav song- Naanaga Naan Illai Thaaye song.

Raju said...

Many Happy B'day wishes to 'ungalavar'!!

LOL'ed on the second comment to this post.. Ella 'avargalin' neenda naal (niraiveratha) aasai.. mmm..

On mothers' day, I was expecting Raam, , Thoongathey..., New and Mannan..Happy Mother's day to you.. have fun with 'chinnanchiru kili'!!

ttm said...

an LCD tv for Sun/CNN/Fox/TNT and the like? One could buy up 1 million books from Flora Fountain with that money and start a lucrative lending library! :)

Me too said...

has to be me, thanks. Amma song-naale andha Mannan song dhaane!

hubby, sure! After my trip to the International Space Station/Moon!! ;)

Mitr, thanks. Ada! Your fav. song is enge Annathe song?!!

Raju, thanks. Ella avul saapdum Krishnarukkum oru Rukku(or is it Bama?!)!!

ttm, for only PBS Kids(most of the time) 25" porume, ille!!

kuttichuvaru said...

aaha, my brother's bday is also on the 12th of may!! anyways, Belated Wishes to ur hubby!!

Prasanna said...

belated wishes to the spl man in ur life. Hope u both had a blast.

Balaji said...

a mom's day special without 'amma endrazhaikkaadha...'??

and hubby sounds just like me :)

Me too said...

KC, yes, special celebration for both of us. Wonder if they both have any similar characteristics!

Prasanna, thanks.

Balaji, oru pudhumaikku dhaan!

kuttichuvaru said...

well, tats somthing to think abt!! for starters, my brother is left-handed!!

Me too said...

KC, oh-oh! No leftie here!
Actually I lost interest in sun signs when I found my grandfather and an uncle sharing their b'day on the same day but both of them poles apart in character!!

Anonymous said...

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