Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chinna Chinna Aasai Tag!

Has to be me tagged me(too)! (Oru tag-a choice-le vittuten, manchikonga Madam!)

1. Kaalaiyil dhinamum kann vizhithaal Amma-vin filter kaapi kudikka aasai.

2. Eppavum temperature 70s F(20s C) irukka aasai.

3. Thappu panravangala kandukama irukkum kadavula naalu vartha narukkunu kekka aasai.

4. Oru pushpaka vimanam/parakkum kambalam kedaichu India-kku takknu parakka aasai!

5. Vaanga pona item sale-laiyum irundhu coupon-um kuduthu vaanga aasai!

6. (Eppavum) Paduthadhum posukkunu thoonga aasai.

7. Alattal aatkalukku nalla nose cut kudukka aasai.

8. Chennai-le maadhiri inge lane-less roads-le 2 wheeler otti signal-le 4 & more wheelers-ai criss-cross panni mundhiadikka aasai.

9. Astronaut dhaan aaga mudhiyale(!), space tourist-aavadhu aaga aasai!

10. Ella blog post-laiyum super comment adikka aasai!


kuttichuvaru said...

I can help with the last one :-)

I said...

Number 10 is easy. Make the poster look stupid somehow.

ttm said...

3: dhushtanai kandaal dhoora vilagu, kadavule kandukala pinna namma yaar naatamai velai seyya? theeyanai pathi yosikkave koodaadhu, even to criticise, shudnt let him grab precious airtime in our mindspace!

6: did mind control(not meditation which is a religious term), bit of self-hypnosis and mastered it, practising for 15 yrs so much so, I can sleep off in 10 min max anytime, anywhere, anyplace IF i want to. Secret of good sleep is to take the mind to a state of absolute inertia, where no thought can flow. The more difficult thing is getting up when you want to. 2 of my friends who are good mind-control masters do that - getting up just a minute or two before the alarm rings. amazing control over the subconscious mind!! These things are quite hard to develop after adulthood.

Me too said...

KC, danks! So, you gonna be my blog-runner?

I, that's easy!

ttm, wow! can sleep off in 10 mins, huh? Absolute inertia-va? My mind never tires!
I can get up fairly around the time I want to. When I have to wake early, I wouldn't have slept till late thinking about it.

:: The Protector :: said...

kana mudinina sorgam than.....

Has to be me said...

Me too, thanx 4 taking the tag! Supera irruku...adunalla inuru tagku forgiven! :)
4. Pushpak vimanam yanakkum vaynum.....ennakum india poganum!
8. That is (only) our chennai speciatlity I say!

Raju said...


Ore varthaiyile sollanumna, Nachunnu 10 aasaigal..

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

kalakkals aaa??

I said...

nuke the sun and have a new customized 'sun' for the temperature thingy.

Me too said...

Vishnu, koduthu vachavarunga!

has to be me, danks for the pardon! 'Pushpak' kedacha vandhu pick-up panren!

Raju, enna Vairamuthu thothara!!

Vijay, janakaraj style-a?(nalla oru kalakku kalakku...)

I, 'Surya(n)-va appdiyellam solladeenga'!!

Prasanna said...

Aparne,that was a nice post.Guess the list of aasais is too lengthy to be brought to 10. I m sure if we write all the aasais, we mite need lot of posts in the blog.

NaiKutti said...

u know what aparna, as soon as i read the first few words of ur first wish, i was reminded of the song "Kaalaiyil dhinamum kann vizhithaal kai thodum devathai amma, anbendrale amma" (as in the song from anbve aaruyire) .. :-)

Me too said...

Prasanna, this 'tag' thingy boomerangs back every now and then to list our likes and dislikes.

Karthik, u know what, that was the idea! I had big plans to tell my every wish with lines borrowed from a song(the 6th one is from 'Poovum pudikudhu' from 'Kaadhal').

Syam said...

naalu peg potta posukunu padukarthu munnadiye thookam vandhutum

Me too said...

Syam, welcome! 'oh, appadiya'! But I guess in this case I prefer insomnia!! :)