Monday, May 15, 2006

Movie Comments!

King Kong

Anybody not yet watched Titanic, Jurassic Park (what else? fill in the blanks) etc.? Catch this 3 hour 'all in one' movie and save time & energy!
IMO, no other movie has the title character with this late an entry(Malayalam Superstar thothaar!). I even doubted if I was watching the right DVD!
Naomi Watts, the heroine reminded me of our yester year bollywood actress Tina Munim(remember her?).
Indha compooter graphics vandaalum vandhudhu, summa buy 1 get 100 free maadhiri, yekka chakka creatures and fights! Thangale da, saami!
People who complain about the length of 'Lagaan' and 'Thavamaai thavamirundhu', should watch this. No songs to fast forward also!!
The big plus watching this has been that 'King Kong' has come to my rescue when I had exhausted almost all creatures to scare & get things done from my daughter. Vaazhga King Kong!


Somehow I had an impression that this was a tragic melodrama. The movie was like watching a 70s era Hindi movie in non-geva(what is 'geva', btw?) colour. Guess, Bollywood is bitten by the remake bug. Where can I catch the Bimal Roy original now?
Shekar and Lolitha made me kind-of forget Saif Ali and Vidya Balan, only nagging thought was the news I read about Vidhu Vinod Chopra not thinking Aamir suitable for the role(of Shekhar, I had presumed)! But since it was Sanjay's role, I forgive VVC!
VVC sure is improving(from 1942 - a love story to 1962 - Parineeta. So which 1982 story next?)

Like I commented in another blog, some years back learning of an Indian movie as a copy from some foreign language movie used to bring a shocked response. These days it has become a game as to who guesses the original first!!! :) So, after watching an English movie, the only thought that comes to my mind is, will it be remade by our Bolly/Kolly wooders?

So, in a language near you... soon....

Pay Check - In the line of Memento-Gajini, this has great potential too to enter 'namma pettai'. Any suggestion as to who can act in the role of Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman?

Just like Heaven - A sure winner, bolly/kolly wooders! Romance, mystery, emotional drama, you name it. I cannot wait to see who is going to replace bubbly Reese Witherspoon!

Red Eye - An interesting thriller! Who is the Vijay Shanti of the 2000s? Cos' this is a heroine oriented film. Can try getting the Blue eyed guy himself to do it in Hindi/Tamil/Telugu and can try to convince big eyed Jothika to do the Hotel Receptionist role!!


Has to be me said...

Whoa! What a super review! Kalakaray po!

Okie check out my msg 4 u in my blog!!! heeee heeee!!

kuttichuvaru said...

Just Like Heaven already namma ooru padam maathiri thaan irukku!! no need to remake, straight thamizh voices kuduthu release pannalaam!!

The Talkative Man said...

i satisfy the criteria for the question raised in the 1st line of the post. But 3 hours is too much for an Eng movie, leave alone a tam movie featuring bollywood rejects.

Anonymous said...

movies are even worse than life.

Me too said...

has to be me, edho suda suda masaal vadai wait pannra maadhiriya! sirichu mazhupina, aacha? Anbu thollai thanga mudiyale pa!!

KC, Seri, seri. Dabbu-dhaan!

ttm, ada, someone to satisfy the criteria! 'tam movie featuring bollywood rejects' - which movie are you referring?

I, not all of them. Stories are changed for the audience(after release!), heroes and even producers' budget!

tt_giant said...

Wanted to see king kong in the big screen, but was caught at that time with several things. maybe will get the DVD..

i guess this movie was created to put an end to ALL remakes of king kong. ever.

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Great reviews. I dont make an attemot to go watch movies, but I guess I should now.

Me too said...

Deepak, I don't know if watching 'King Kong' on the DVD is a good idea(or so people tell me)!

Shankari, welcome and thanks for the comments. I don't know your taste in movies, but some are real time-pass!

Jinguchakka said...

These days they don't bother copying English movies. Dub it, Title it (suitable'aa), Cash it dhaan ippO!

Raju said...

I have KK DVD right now at home.. will watch it by sunday.. I wanted to watch it on big screen.. but Maami wasnt too keen.. :-(

Paycheck - I liked the concept very much.. John Woo trademark actions.. I watched it twice in last 2 years.. Hope it is NOT remade in India.. duet b/w them? "Nee yaarendrey enakku theriyadhu... naan yaarendrey enakku puriyadhu.. ennai adaiyalam kaattiyaval nee.. unnai thedi alaindhenn naan" literally..

Me too said...

JC, right! 'dabbu' na dub-bu dhaan!!

Raju, would be nice to hear your comments about 'KK'(most people who liked it had watched it on the big screen).
LOL-ed at that song lyrics! Which song is it?

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