Friday, May 05, 2006

FM - 'KaNN'

Kanne kalaimaane - Moondram Pirai

Kannale kaadhal kavidhai - Aatma

Kannai katti kolladhey - Iruvar

Kannai vittu - Pattiyal

Kanne unnaal - Ambigapathy
(listen to this classic eve-teasing song by NSK!)

There are scores of other songs starting with 'kaNN', so recollect, hum, sing out loud, comment & ensoy!


Has to be me said...

Kannum kannum kolai addithal...thiruda thiruda

Kannukul nooru nilava idhu oru kanava....vedam pudhidhu

Has to be me said...

Kannalay kadal kavithai - isnt it from the mamooty's tamil movie? Or r v referring to 2 different songs?
Glad that I was the first(& second!) to comment!!! :D

NaiKutti said...

kannalane from uyire is another one i like... haven't listed to the pattiyal song... will wait for it to be flashed on the TVs...

and just to irk u "kannum kannum nokia .." :-)

Raju said...

pleasantly surprised to find Aatma song.. beautifully sung by KJY and Janaki. One of my favorites of the early 90's..

mitr_bayarea said...

my contributions-

1. kann mani ni vara kaathirunden song

2.kann pesum varthai from girivalam (i think)

3. kannin maniye title song from nathil uruthi vendum

4. kannale pesi pesi kolladhey song from adutha veetu penn

ttm said...

the grammar for FM has changed. you have permitted suffix derivatives today which was not the case in earlier episodes.

Me too said...

has to be me, 'dhool' list! 'Kannaley kadhal kavidhai' has Goutami and Ramki(if I am right!). Which Mamooty song are you talking about?

Karthik, 'Pattiyal' songs are still not flashed on the TV? That's surprising! 'Kannum kannum nokia'-va, ha,ha! That's not so bad since it is one of my daughter's favourites and helps shut her up in the car!!!

Raju, yes, a wonderful melody!

Mitr, 'Kannale pesi pesi' is a classic song! Thanks for the other songs too.

ttm, indha time konjam thadam puranduduch(u)a?!