Friday, May 19, 2006

FM - 'Uyir'

Uyirin uyire - Kakka kakka
The opening song and sequence were so impressive that the movie, the hero, the director and the music director entered my favourites list(note: this was a movie I saw after almost a 2 year hibernation!) in a click!

Uyire - Bombay
When a friend declared how boring a song this was when it was the rage at the time of its release, I was shocked beyond belief and thought she was the most unromantic person in the whole world!

Uyire en uyire - Thotti Jaya
Haven't seen the movie or the song. Nice melody from HJ. Quite impressed with singer Karthik after 'oru maalai' from Gajini.

Uyire uyire urugadhey - Oruvar Vaazhum Aalayam
Could not find a link to this song anywhere on the net. The movie had some nice songs.


Anonymous said...

Link for uyire uyire urangadhey. See, I have my uses.

mitr_bayarea said...


unga hubby kalakaarare!

My additions-

Uyire En Uyire song from Ullam Kollai Poguthey movie and Uyire Unnai Idhayam song from Naalaiya Seithi movie.

The Talkative Man said...

First heard Uyirin Uyire while hanging out with friends at a hotel, the Hispanic housekeeper was impressed with the starting words of the song. Often used this song to piss off the Rahmaniacs.

Heard a friend sing the Hindi version of Uyire while in N.India. Other than the first two lines, the rest of the tune is ordinary and predictable.

Not heard the other two and not bothered.

kuttichuvaru said...

yeah I like the Thotti Jeya number too... nice lyrics too!!

NaiKutti said...

am reading this one and i see the uyirin uyire song from KK on TV (SS Music) in chennai :-)... how much cooler than this can it get... have never listed to the TJ song :-(

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Uyire" has to be ARR's worst, and the most overrated too. I always wonder how the singers managed to staw awake while singing this song!

Has to be me said...

Uriyin Uriye is a lovely number! :)

Me too said...

Hubby, thanks!!(but it is still a 'no' for the LCD TV!!)

Mitr, wow! you surprise me with your list!

ttm, I am surprised you haven't heard the last IR song!!

KC, right!

Karthik, wow!

B(K), "I always wonder how the singers managed to stay awake while singing this song" - LOL!!
Andha kaalathula, anything with A Samy was spl!! In Mangalore Mail, I strained from the window to glimpse Kannanoor!! :)

has to be me, we seem to share many things in common(you too Kamal fan, right?)!!

Prasanna said...

"Uyirin Uyire" was an amazing one. I ve listened to it countless times. Having the number as an opening was a perfect one. "Uyire" too was a great number by Hariharan. I had visited the place(Bekel Fort in kerala) and i was amazed how Mani had turned an ordinary luking place to a mind blowing one.Hats off to him. Ve'nt see the video of "Uyire en uyire". But it was a beautiful melody from HJ.

Raju said...

Except TJ, I know the full lyrics of the other 3 songs.. Great numbers..

I was amazed by the picturization of the Uyire (Bombay) song.. Where was the lighting when the camera revolves around Aravind and Manisha towards the end of the song?

Me too said...

Prasanna, oh, you've visited the fort, eh?

Raju, "I know the full lyrics of the other 3 songs" - not surprising at all!!

Anonymous said...

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