Friday, May 26, 2006

FM - 'Nenjam'

"Nenjangootil" - Dishoom

"Nenjamellaam" - Ayudha Ezhuthu

"Nenjukulle" - Ponnumani

"Nenjathai alli" - Kadhalikka Neramillai


raju said...

1)Nenjam marappathillai...
athu ninaivai....--one of my favs

2)NenjinilE nenjinilE oonjalE..

3)Nenjam oru murai nee enrathu
kangal oru murai paar enrathu..

Raju said...

For me too, the first song that came to my mind after seeing the title of the post was 'Nenjam marappathillai'..

Adnan Sami was scary..

Munimma said...

:-) yep, first song that comes to mind is nenjam marappathillai (devika, right?)

Also, that horse (hoofbeat) song - nenjam undu nermai undu

then that poetic movie azhagan - nenjamadi nenjam. Incidentally, that other popular song from that movie, thudikirathe nenjam had it too. What was the fetish with nenjam, at least in that movie? :-)

Jinguchakka said...

Our movies never get out of love. So nenjam, idhayam thavira meedhi vaarthaiku panjam dhaan.
When I see English movies made whose story lines span sometimes for mere hours, I wonder why can't our directors do such things.

The Talkative Man said...

Nenjukulle is a testimony to the many rustic delights that Raja conjured at the climax of his hot streak between 88-89 to 92-93. 1992 saw a whopping 54 movies from his baton. Perhaps inspired by the RPO Symphony opportunity only a few months away.

Another omission is Nenjathil Poradum Yennangal(Unarchigal) which has the 70s stamp all over it. Andavar wrote the dialogues for the padam.

Prasanna said...

Aparna,my favorite was "Nenjukulle". It was a great number from Raja. And the picturisation too was something different.
One song where I ve been dissapointed was "Nenjamellam". It was a great song from ARR but given Mani's talents in picturising songs, this one was a huge dissapointment.

Me too said...

Raju, welcome and thanks!

Raju, agree with you about Adnan Sami!

Munimma, Maragadha Mani mesmerised in 'Azhagan'.

JC, I watch our movies too in mere hours, fwding songs, dishoom-dishooms etc.!!

ttm, never heard of that song or the movie Unarchigal!! You too Annathe fan?!!!

Prasanna, agree that 'me too' was disappointed with the picturisation of the song 'nenjamellam'(atleast it was picturised on Surya!).

ttm said...

Nenjathil Poradum is full of lazy exhuberance and was composed by Shyam, MSV's assistant. Shyam gave such spectacular songs like this one, which I will in put in tamilcinema's all-time top 5. Unarchigal was dir. by RC Shakti, who also did Dharmayuddham.
I am an observer, not fan.

NaiKutti said...

Nice picks... I like the second one more because the video isn't flashy and the song just goes around casual lines w/o any dreams/running around trees/dancing in foregin land, etc :-)

Has to be me said...

Nenjam oru aalayam...the sad number...cant recall the movie.

Will nenjiniliay nenjinilay (from tamil dubbed version of Dil se) qualify here?! ;)

And ofcourse nenjam marapadilay like others said.

Bala (Karthik) said...

nenjam marappadhillai happens to be one of ARR's favs..

BTW, the second interlude in "Nanjamellam" - Ayudha Ezhuthu is one of ARR's best ever with amazing acoustic bass guitar work, jazz style

Me too said...

ttm, ok, observer(othukadeenga!)!! You are making me nostalgic! One of my 'mound' friend and I used to go crazy over that 'Anandha' song. MSV's Asst., eh?

Karthik, my favourite in the lines of "casual lines w/o any dreams/running around trees/dancing in foregin land, etc." is 'Ennai konjam maatri' from 'Kaakka kaakka'.

htbm, 'nejinile' qualifies but I love the Hindi version!

B(K), except for Adnan Sami, it is a great song!(btw, super picture!)

kuttichuvaru said...

nenjam enum oorinile frm Aaru

jus my 2 cents!!

Anonymous said...

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