Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Melody KAMA(A)L - I

No surprises this week! Ofcourse, with 'Annathey' celebrating his birthday on 7th, what else could anyone expect!!

Today, it is some of "Kaadhal Ilavarasan's" duet melodies!

Maunamana neram - Salangai oli

Thallattudhey vaanam - Kadal Meengal

Endhan nenjil - Kalaignan

Poonkuyil - Nammavar

Nee paartha - Hey Raam

Onna vida - Virumandi

Instrumental - Punnagai Mannan

BTW, the rest of the month's Friday melodies will also be Kamal specials!!


Munimma said...

:-) what a nice b'day gift :-D
nice of you to gimme one ;-)

sen said...

Enna instrumental pottutinga punnagai mannanukku??.Enna satham intha neram....??Oh athu duet illaya.. atleast singallathu chinna kuiley..

unnal mudiyum thambi,kaaki chattai, kadhal parisu, guna, devar magan, sathya ellam vittutinga..??

Raju said...

Wow.. that is totally awesome... so Kamal maaaaadham, huh? Very nice..

Except the Hey Ram song, the remaining 5 duets are among my favorites too.. I will look forward to the remaining 3 specials.. :-)

Aana paavam Balaji.. idhai parthu oru masathukku unga friday blog-ku vara maattar.. (adhukkaga Rajini special kodukkamaatteenga endru urudhiyaga nambugirenn).

Me too said...

Munimma, Many happy returns! Wow! Same birth-month/zodiac-a! Poramaiya irukku!!!

Sen, IMO that 'Punnagai Mannan' Instrumental is one of the most romantic scenes!
Avasarapadadheenga!! 'Varudhu, varudhu'(though Kaaki chattai, Kadhal Parisu kind of masalas may not get listed!)

Raju, I know you'll be stumped!! Balaji will be a bit upset! But such an unbiased cinema lover he is that he had listed 'Andhi mazhai' as his most favourite song picturisation much to my surprise.
(unga nambikkai veen pogadhu!)

keerthi said...

raju, Hey Ram pudikkalaya ? You are the first to say that !! (may be you cant categorize as duet)...

keerthi said...

aduththa vaara special.. oru trailer.

all kamalhaasan sung songs.

Kombule Poova Suthi - Virumandi

Muththe Muththamma - Ullasam

Sundari Neeyum - Michael Madan Kaman Rajan

Saravana Bhava Gugha Vadivazhagaa - Kadhalaa Kadhalaa

Maarugo Maarugo - Sathileelavathi

:) if you already had this in your mind.. well, im a good mind reader

Me said...

I love Kamal...He's a great dancer as well as a great actor...
u've a nice blog...I've blogrolled you...

tt_giant said...

i think all these hits came from maestro's aarmonia petti.. amazing..

Balaji said...

Idhu nyayama?! i agree kamal deserves a week's 'Friday Melody' for his bday. Adhukkaaga 1 maasamaa?! devuda devuda!!

but all defly great numbers. ttg, all except 'nammavar' came from maestro. that was by mahesh.

and if u want more proof of my lack of bias... my fav movie of all-time is 'naayagan' :)

Me too said...

Keerthi, about the theme - 'engiyo poyiteenga!!' But songs vera!!

Avik, wow! Another for our fan club! Thanks for blogrolling me.

Deepak, IMO, maestro and melody go hand in hand(and with Kamal topping, kekanuma!)!

Balaji, what better way to show my 'abimaanam'? Kudos to you for being so unbiased!!

Kris said...

Nice collection of songs....

it would have been even more great..if Raja Paarvai songs gets added...

First time visiting ur blog...good one ..:-))

Me too said...

Kris, thanks. Though I have reserved 'Andhi mazhai' for another day, now thinking about it, could have included 'Azhago azhagu'!

Shiv Shankar said...

onna vida ...too roamantic

endhan nenjil nd poonkuyil are melodious

nice list !!

Anonymous said...

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