Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Melody - Kamal III

Get up/set up/make up is another specialty of Kamal. So, here are some of the songs from movies where we saw a different looking Kamal.

Ther kondu - Enakkul oruvan

Pudhu maapillaikku - Aboorva sagodarargal

Pachai kiligal - Indian

Vela vela - Avvai Shanmughi

P.S. - Sorry, couldn't link up the last song. The file hosting site is giving some problems. Will try to fix it asap.


Anonymous said...

Nice songs.. Interesting concept... Pachai kiligal is the best among them... I just love everything about it..

have a good weekend!!

NaiKutti said...

nalla songs... u can add one from aalavandhan too :-)... "kadavul padhi mirugam padhi kalandhu seidha kalavai naan"... hehehehehe...

how abt. hey ram??... "nee partha parvai"??

cellvi said...

Nice songs, U could have added "Poovaasam" from ANBE SIVAM.

Adaengappa !! said...

Nice compilations !!

tt_giant said...

Enna, orey kamal mayamaa irukku?. Pachai kiligal is the best of them all. No doubt.

Coming to your site after a long time. I am back in Florida now.

Balaji said...

good songs thaan... irundhaalum eppo december varum-nu irukku :)

Kris said...

Hey..nalla selection of week enna combo nu yosikiren..

Me said...

is this a general blog or another kamal fan site .....:)

Me too said...

Raju, unga favourite Kamal-Shankar combo aache!!

Naikutti, nakkal panreengala? Anyway, "nee partha" has already been featured and "kadavul paadhi" is up for next week!

Cellvi, "poovasam" has already been featured on an earlier Friday melody.

Adengappa, thanks.

Deepak, welcome back! Enna naan dhaan first week-e warn pannitten ille?

Balaji, unga aarbaattathukellaam munnadi idhellam enna periya? :)

Kris, thanks. keep guessing!!

me, half and half!!

sai thilak said...

enna kamal mayama irrukku ??? :)

Raju said...

Aparna, you have been selected for an exclusive mmmm... 'tag'..
Plz. check my recent post for the details.