Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Melody - Kamal II

Today's songs, all sung by Kamalhaasan.

Panneer Pushpangale - Aval Appadithaan

Ninaivo oru paravai - Sigappu Rojakkal

Pon Maanai - Oh Maane Maane

Vikram - Vikram

Muththe muthamma - Ullasam


Anonymous said...

mmm... very nice songs.., but few of my favorites not included in ur list are 'thenpandi cheemaiyile', 'kanmani anbodu' and 'sundari neeyum'.

* Kamal would have won the best male playblack singer award (national) but his being a part-time singer and his eventual best actor award stopped the judges from awarding him.

* After hearing 'Ninaivo oru paravai', KJY hugged Kamal and praised him that he has sung wonderfully.

* For the 'pottu vaitha kadhal thittam' song, SPB was approached initially but he backed off due to the fear of a damage to his throat, since it was a high-pitch song. (Only Aarohanam, no avarohanam). Then Kamal sang it wonderfully.

* I read somewhere that he was the sishyan of Balamuralikrishna.

*Ilayaraja praised, during 'Guna' cassette release function, that Kamal has a better voice dimension than SPB!!

Kris said...

Hey !!!

Nice selection of songs....but next week enna ungalukku concept kudukalamunu yosikiren.. may be kamal direct panna padathule irunthu paatu podalam.. :-))

Raju...avaru oru sagalakala vallavaru..he is also a good dancer...vera enna vennum ..:-)

Devilish Angel said...

Nice collection...

Vishnu said...

Aparna, I love the song 'Ninaivo oru paravai'
Happy week end....

cellvi said...

Nice songs.

Me too said...

Raju, I picked the not-so-common ones! Remember, "Kanmani anbodu" was listed under "kanmani" sometime back and "Thenpandi cheemaiyile" is for later. About "Sundari neeyum", I'm thinking I should have one Kamal-S. Janaki spl.!!
Asusual great titbits from tmdb!! Thanks!

Kris, great to know another Kamal fan! And about next week, keep guessing!!

Vanathi, thanks.

Vishnu, glad I listed one of your favourites. Thanks and a happy weekend to you too.

Cellvi, thanks and welcome.

Smugam said...

muthe muthamma is a very well sung song ..

Bala (Karthik) said...

Nice collection. Keep it coming!

jack said...

SPB backing off and kamal singing??.konjam masala add panna mari irrukku :).just kidding

Aparna,you should add these songs also to the list

#)Vizhi orathu kanavum - raaja paarvai
#)Gyayiru oli mazhayil -andharangam??

Me too said...

Shivshankar, agree totally!

Bala(karthik), thanks. Ensoy Kamal mazhai in the coming Fridays too!

Sen, I'm reserving 'Vizhi orathu' for a 'Vizhi' Friday!! The link where I found 'gyayiru oli mazhaiyil' had some unecessary comments and hence ditched it!!

Smugam said...

The Song that i posted in my blog

Is from Oru Kaloorin in Kathai

Title of the Song :Kangal Kalagida

Listen to the Song deeply and tell me what do you think abt the lyrics

susubala said...

Great collections and always memorable .....

Munimma said...

Yep, Kamal apparently learnt from Balamuralikrishna. One of his unachieved dreams is a full-fledged carnatic concert :-) I remember reading this in one of his interviews.

I remember reading that about Potu vaitha kaathal thittam too.

Raja kaya vecha has 2 versions, one by SPB and the other by Kamal.

Did he sing one in unnal mudiyum thambi?

Me too said...

Shivshankar, thanks. I hardly follow lyrics in latest songs. Will listen to it and comment.

sumi, welcome and thanks.

munimma, full-fledged carnatic concert, huh? When it happens, I will surprise my folks attending a kutcheri!!! I don't think he sang any songs in 'Unnal mudiyum thambi'.

Anonymous said...

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