Friday, June 01, 2007

FM - "மா"

மாம்பூவே - மச்சனை பாத்தீங்களா

மாஞ்சோலை - கிழக்கே போகும் ரயில்

மாமரத்து - ஊமை விழிகள்


Raju said...

seasonal song ah? It has been centuries since I heard the first song.. nostalgia.. Didnt know its movie name..

"Maampazhamam" from Pokkiri comes to mind but can hardly be classified as a melody..

Aravind said...

How could you forget this

ttm said...

me2, 4 FMs + rcp, stopped writing?
No gui machine at office, but using text browser..cant listen to music but my throat FM quietly starts transmission from 830 all day, most songs having only the pallavi and some start directly from the charanam :)

Dushti said...

Does 'maanguyile poonguyile' qualify ? ;-)

Me too said...

raju, yep, seasonal songs! Though a silly thought(of how I could've posted this around "Mother's day"!) crossed my mind! :)

aravind, sorry for not explaining Tamil 'ma' to you!

ttm, vaandu's vacation has started and my routines are all in shatters!

dushti, aah! What a miss! And I was lifting my collar thinking I had covered them all!!

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Maapplillai summa moraikkadha" from Siva. Actually it starts like "ada maapillai.." but i hope that can be discounted.
One of IR's best compositions in kApi

Deepa said...

How COULD you have missed Manguile Poonguyile? Or How could YOU have missed Manguile Poonguyile? Or How could you have missed MAANGUYILE POONGUYILE? I hope I've made my point.

Deepa said...

Again, I didnt read dushti's comments (obviously)

Me too said...

b(k), kindal panreengala illa katchi maareeteengala? I hope you know what this 'ma' refers to. If 'ada' was discounted, 'adada maamara kiliye' would have made it!

deepa, yaanaikkum adi sarukkum!!

Bala (Karthik) said...

oookkkk.. nestu meet panren :)

P.S: sAgum varai Nammavar katchi dhAn