Friday, June 15, 2007

FM - "அந்தி"

அந்தி மழை - ராஜ பார்வை

அந்தி வரும் நேரம் - முந்தானை முடிச்சு

அந்திநேர தென்றல் காற்று - இணைந்த கைகள்

அந்தியிலே வானம் - சின்னவர்


Raju said...

Wow.. one of the forgotten words in tamil lyrics nowadays..

All the four are fantastic.. The first is an ever-green classic; the second one easily the best song of MM.

Munimma said...

Good selection Aps.
I still remember that first time I heard anthi mazhai. It was a special program on TV promoting the movie. The just rained scene with that transparent umbrella is still fresh in my memory.

The Talkative Man said...

Hearing Andhi Mazhai on a recorded sleeveless cassette in 2001 after a gap of 20 years made me jump in recognition! I used to listen to B side of the cassette in morning travel and when the bus reached a certain building half a km from office, I would flip the cassette and listen to Andhi Mazhai one last time.

Deepa said...

Those Raja Paarvai and Chinnavar songs are some of IR's bests.

Me too said...

raju, yes and you know how long I'd been saving the 'Andhi mazhai' song for this 'Andhi' spl.!!

munimma, thanks! yes, what a picturisation!

ttm, the 'pop-pop' music still gives me goosebumps!! This was one song which I had big trouble by-hearting(especially the the mundiri-mandiri kind-of lines!):)

deepa, totally agree!

The Talkative Man said...

Andhi mazhai prelude is simplest to hum - one of my ex-colleagues who used to hum songs with the orchestration enjoyed it so much since other ilayaraja preludes were too difficult to mimic!