Friday, June 22, 2007

FM - "மாலை"

மாலை என் வேதனை - சேது

மாலையில் யாரோ - சத்ரியன்

மாலை எனை வாட்டுதே - பூக்களை பறிகாதீர்கள்

மாலை கருக்கயில் - நீதியின் மறுபக்கம்

மால கருக்கலிலே - எங்க ஊரு காவக்காரன்

மாலை பொழுதின் - பாக்கியலட்சுமி


Vee Cee said...

at first i thought, how could you leave out maalai soodum vaelai.
then realised, in addition to maalai (evening. or is it dusk?) maybe you will have a separate list for maalai (garland).

Raju said...

The songs from 'Chatriyan' and
'Pookkalai parikkatheerkal' are my favs here..

After 2 weeks, another TR song.. I can't agree with what u said last time about him - his assistants helping his melodious song.. During the 80's, he was just superb.. Hmm.. Simbhu-voda influence-o ennavo avar kadhaiye maariduchu..

kuttichuvaru said...

sethu song is an all-time favorite!! IR and Unnikrishnan at their best!!

Me too said...

vc, yes, it was a difficult decision to leave out(for the reason you've mentioned) 'maalai soodum velai' song!! :)

raju, Perisu-oda influence on siriso, siris-oda influence on periso, edhuvum namakku nanmai ille!! :(

kc, totally agree!

Munimma said...

great collection, these. soothing melodies 1, 2, 3, and 6.
would malai ponnaana malai qualify?

Me too said...

munimma, Oh, what a miss!! I used to love Nadiya-Rehman pair so much then!

ttm said...

TR-um Psycho Pothanum andha kaalathla oora paithyam aakave padam pidichaanga :(

Me too said...

ttm, in the case of TR that continues still!! :(
Aiyo paavam! Yen indha kaduppu Pothan meley?

Ramya harish said...

(oru)maalai - gajini
i feel sick abt my ignorance on blogs few yrs back.. better late than never..