Friday, July 13, 2007

FM - Hindi oldies

Tera mera pyar amar - Asli Naqli

Achaji mein haari - Kalapani

Aaja sanam - Chori chori

Dil ki nazar se - Anari

Dil thadhap - Madhumathi

Deewana hua badal - Kashmir ki kali

Bandha parwar - Phir wohi dil laya hoon


Munimma said...

o, inniki friday illa?

ooh, my favorite kind - Naushad and SDB era. I had a friend in school who loved these equally passionately :-) and we had a ball regurgitating them during school hours.

My cousins didn't know hindi, but enjoyed the songs, and they would give new meanings to them. Banda parwar would be sung if someone had too much nakras.

These drip romance, don't you think?

The Talkative Man said...

There were 2 gems from a 1956 movie whose songs were composed by MSV/TKR, searching for a long time :( Of course, Vaa Vennila was composed for Naushad by MSV in Chandi Rani(1952).

me2, DMK/PMK/Thamizhistan parties mela kaduppa? :-)

Raju said...

Oh those golden years, which everyone still remembers nostalgically.. I dont think I have heard all of them in ur list but will listen over the weekend..

I said...

indhi paatai munittu naan veli nadappu seikiren

Dushti said...

B/W - Out of syllabus !

Me too said...

munimma, for those 2-3 oldies shown on Rangoli, I used to sacrifice my Sunday sleep (especially to discuss about it in school/college on Mondays!)! "These drip romance, don't you think?" - totally!

ttm, neenga enna naradhar vellai seiyareenga!

raju, hope you liked them.

i, walking is a good exercise!

dushti, the last 2 are (Geva?)colour!! One of the songs in 'Andaz apna apna' is picturised very much like the last song, 'Banda parwar'.

Dushti said...

I did nt realize you had the video links for the songs for a while. And boy, it was kinda funny watching the oldie goldies :D

Me too said...

dushti, compared to the group exercise that Actors do in the name of dance now?? ;)