Friday, July 27, 2007

Last Friday Melody!

Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee's movies in the 70s are a treat to watch even today. Simple story, elegant execution, lovely songs, natural acting - what a risk it must've been in that era of gory and violent Hindi movies! Listed below are some of my all time favourites.

Jab deep jale aana - Chitchor

Tu jo mere sur mein - Chitchor

Na jaane kyon - Choti si baat

Jane-e-mann - Choti si baat

Meine tere liye - Anand

Zindagi - Anand

Loote koyi - Abhimaan

Tere mere milan ki - Abhimaan

I wanted to include songs from 'Chashme Buddoor' along too even though it was directed by Sai Paranjpe and came out in the 80s but couldn't find any links.

P.S. - Like the title says, this will be the last of the Friday melody series. It started of like this one (last) July Friday and for the past 2 years, it has been fun playing the DJ! I guess, it will be kind of itchy the next few Fridays but I've almost run out of ideas, enthu' (and end it before I run out of audience)! A big Thanks everyone!!


sen said...

Nice collection...
but why didn't u put "Gori thera" from chitchor.Another movie that i like in the basuchatterji Yesudoss series is Apney paraye.. it has some nice songs..

Ran out of ideas?.Iam sure you will find something before next week :)

ttm said...

Standing ovation for the sarveees!

You could have signed off with 'Paattaale buththi sonnaar'(to all timepass software ppl!)

Raju said...

FM-illadha aadha-va? Ninaichu kooda parkkaa mudiyale..

You could have had FM wherein the theme is not on one particular word but a concept; like, e.g., 'Tamil maadhangal'. "Margazhi poove", "Vaikasi nilave", "Chithirai sevvanam/nilavu", "Aadi pattam", etc..

Hmm.. oru mudiveduthutteenga.. All good things have to come to an end!! Thanks to you for being a DJ for 2 years!! :-)

Siva said...

good ones... just landed to this page.. looks like i have missed some melodies..:) but will look at the earlier ones..
is there a possibility to extend few more fridays and give some top melodies of 90s till date...:)

Me too said...

sen, what a surprise!! I had already listed "Gori tera" here(How could I have missed that!). Not very familiar with 'Apne Paraye' songs. Why don't you ressurect your blog with some musical posts? I am especially interested in Malayalam songs!

ttm, thank you, thank you!! Your comments have been a big boost to me!

raju, many thanks to you, one of my loyal FM commenters from the early days!

siva, welcome and thanks! Why don't you post about the 90s melodies?

Dushti said...

Hope you don't lose the enthu for blogging :-)

Me too said...

dushti, 'kalai chevai' thodarum as long as there is 'aadharavu' from you guys!!;)

Deepa said...

Awesome list. All of them are my favourites.

Bala (Karthik) said...

FM will be missed

Me too said...

deepa & b(k), thanks a ton!!