Friday, July 20, 2007


Some recent favourites!

செவ்வானம் சேலைய கட்டி - மொழி

ஏன் எனக்கு - நான் அவனில்லை

பேரூந்தில் - பொறி

உன்னாலே - உன்னாலே உன்னாலே

உன் பார்வை - சென்னை 600028

தாலியே தேவையில்ல - தாமிரபரணி


Raju said...

Except the last one, I have listened and enjoyed the others..

Sevvanam - Though Jassie's voice was a turn-off in the beginning, after watching the movie, andha kurai theriyama pochu..

Enn enakku - :) Jeevan.. LOL.. Cute song for an extremely short-lived romance..

Perundhil - Lovely lyrics.. Very different approach to comparison...

Unnale - Most liked among the list. Period.

Un Parvai - Second best.. peppy music.

Me too said...

raju, most of these songs had caught my attention while listening to it on Internet radio(the biased person that I am, wouldn't have listened to songs from 'Naan avanillai', 'thamirabarani' etc. otherwise!)

D LordLabak said...

I dont know even one song in that list. Time to be categorized as "older" generation.:-(

I said...

deepa paati, adhu enavo seri dhan.

D LordLabak said...

I thambi, ellam neram.

Me too said...

deepa, this 'enlightening' post is especially for people like you!! :)

i, i-ya all Up-to-date-a?