Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Melody - 'Kaalam'

Fall(autumn) season has started 'officially' since Wednesday. The above picture was taken during the pre-digital camera days at Flume Gorge in New Hampshire. Fall is beautiful(some consolation to endure the long winter) in the Northeast. So, come visit us!

Kaala kaala - Punnagai Mannan
It was those days when only Kamal did any dancing (and so gracefully!) on the screen. I remember how my Anti-Kamal friends used to say things like 'pombala maadiri dance-llam aadararu!'(though the same friends boast about their heroes now as 'ennama dance aadaraaru!!!'). Anyway, wonderful music, great choreography, superbly supported by the talented Revathy. How I wished at that time that I could learn dance from 'Sethu master'!!

Kaalangalil - Paava Manippu
One of the evergreen songs of yesteryear Tamil movies. Superb lyrics of 'Kavingar' Kannadaasan, velvet voice of PBS and enacted by the great pair, 'Gemini' Ganesan and Savithri.

Kaalamidhu - Chithi
A beautiful, moving lullaby song sung by Padmini(in the movie) to her daughter. My mother was always lenient with us when it came to sleep. She will always quote this song when others chided her for pampering us! I dedicate this song to my mother who celebrated her birthday a few days back.


Raju said...

Terrific picture that one..

Every friday there is something nice to look forward to at ur blog.. "Kaalam" is a nice one, not many songs in movies though.. Your choice as usual is very good and has got the best of kaalam songs..

My habit of few more "Kaalam" songs:

Kaalamellam.... (Kadhal Kottai)

Kaalamennum nadhiyinile (some old MGR-Sarojadevi movie)

Have a good weekend!!

mitr_bayarea said...

That picture is so New England-reminds me my good old grad school days in Boston. I love fall colors and miss them so much here in California, no where are they so beautiful.

Couldn't think of a kaalam song...but nice post at the right season.

Balaji said...

hmmm... can't think of any thalaivar songs starting with 'kaalam'. kavuthitengale aparna :-)

anyway, my addition...
'kaalam kalikaalam...' - amarkkalam

please don't remind me of fall colors. went to oregon last yr just to c fall colors. rained the whole time. most miserable vacation ever!!

Vinesh said...

Nice theme for the week. I'm unable to think u any songs that you haven't included :-0

tt_giant said...

Sigh!. FALL.. I am yet to see a proper fall season here.

Nice collection!.

keerthi said...

The visuals of Pachchai nirame shows many seasons.. watched it ?

hey, "Kaalamidhu Kaalamidhu kannurangu magale" my fave song. i commented about this somewhere.. dunno where. but my favourite song.. very very meaning ful song.

i would like you to analyze this song, against the current situations of women. tell me if it suits you, and many other females you meet. nna solreenga !!

Me too said...

Raju, thanks a lot. Gives me a boost!

Mitr, glad you liked the picture and the songs.

Balaji, aaha, atlast!(I'll pat myself!)
Sorry about your vacation! Here in the NE, if you miss it in one state, you can catch up in the next!

Vinesh, thanks. No probs! Hope you enjoyed the songs.

Deepak, with all your hiking and trekking, I am surprised!

Keerthi, oh, does 'pacchai nirame' colours mean the seasons? I'll watch it again.
'Empa enna ippadi yosikka vekkareenga!' I guess, this song is like "Cho's Muhamadbin Thuglak". They hold true in any century. I'm curious to know your views.

tt_giant said...

hiking trekking crawling ellam FL vandha aparam dhaan.. idhuku munnaadi AZ la 365 days summer.

keerthi said...

deepak, naan inge hiking trekking ellam Nelson Manickam raodlaye pannalaam :)

aparna madam, pachchai nirame doesnt mean seasons, but in the course shows some beautiful seasons on the backdrop.. watch out.
Abt the song : Are you sure, it still holds good ? I thought girls are a lot independant, free and are more dominant in the society.

Me too said...

Deepak, hiking, trekking, crawling, running, swimming, flying yedhuvenalum senju eppidiyavadhu fall-lai paarka NE vaanga!

Keerthi, I realised about the green, yellow, white backgrounds in 'pachchai nirame' song.
Abt the song: I only analysed the points made in this song. Sleepless over the man of your dreams, sleepless when parents don't approve of your choice, sleepless b'cos of baby all these hold true whether or not free/ Independant.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »