Friday, September 09, 2005

Rainbow Taggu...(bgm: Anniyan 'Remo, remo')

'Me too' tagged by Deepak Giant. Initially, I struggled to find seven things to fill in but now I have seventy things to write down!

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1. follow 'take it easy' policy
2. find the person who started/created this Tag(empa yosikka vekkareenga!)
3. be a "Naadha/Vasuki(Mrs. Thiruvalluvar) style wife" to my hubby
4. decide on either theism or athiesm
5. learn knitting and make atleast one sweater
6. straighten my teeth
7. make a difference/be a positive influence to atleast one person
on this earth

Seven things that I can do:

1. eat sweets anytime
2. be a reliable, life-long friend
3. appreciate/enjoy art
4. write in a neat hand
5. draw/sketch
6. get emotional easily
7. window shop

Seven things that I can't do:

1. not make plans/schedules/routines(even for others!) in my head
2. forget Family/Friends' special(b'day, anniversary) days
3. make quick decisions
4. write poems
5. pretend(even for fun)
6. forgive/forget
7. stand hypocrisy

Seven things that attracts me to the opposite sex:
1. Simplicity
2. Knowledge
3. Patience
4. Non-temperamental
5. fun-loving
6. Affectionate
7. Understanding

Seven things I say the most:

1. Chellam!
2. Oh, God! or 'Kadavule'
3. Amma... Raamaa...
4. Not bad
5. Semma!
6. ille?
7. I don't know!!

Seven celebrities I want to meet:

1. Ayn Rand /Audrey Hepburn
2. Gorbachev
3. P Chidambaram
4. Thenkachi Swaminathan
5. 'Annathe' Kamal / Tom Hanks / Aamir Khan
6. Nagesh Kukunoor
7. Marie of 'Everybody loves Raymond'(the rest of the cast too!)

Seven people who have to take this quiz:

Anybody not tagged yet, please free to carry on the chain.
mmm... tag Rajni?!! Heard he is doing 7 roles in his next movie!!


GP said...

Good ones, Aparna..
"3. be a "Naadha/Vasuki(Mrs. Thiruvalluvar) style wife" to my hubby" hahhaha.. that was the best thing..

tt_giant said...

Nice list..

I agree with GP. Mrs. Thiruvalluvar was too good.

How is that girls have such a nice handwriting. mine is all kozhi kirukkals!

hello!. enna thalaivar perellam ezhukureenga?. avar oru role panna 100 role panna madhiri.!

Balaji said...

nice list. LOL @ 'find out who started the tag' item since thats what i was thinking too! celebrities u like to meet ellam high fundava iruke :-)

mitr_bayarea said...

really cool list....3rd one Natha Vasuki wife dreams ellam will change once you get married, impressed with the neat handwriting and nice flow of thoughts.

Forgot to mention-"marie of everybody loves raymond" is my favorite too next to frank...i know now thro experience that it's good to enjoy those characters only ons creen, not in real life:)

narayanan said...

be a "Naadha/Vasuki(Mrs. Thiruvalluvar) style wife" to my hubby

vasugi valluvan'ai 'da' pottu dhaan thittuvaal..adhunaalaya? :P

keerthi said...

"make a difference/be a positive influence to atleast one person on this earth"... Matrix stylela sollanumna "I know exactly what you mean"....

Touch someone's life... someone who **feels our absence** when we are gone..( i know it is brutal to leave a missing feeling, but then wishes are meant to be selfish). Good luck on that mission.

Slice Of Life said...

i have met nagesh kukunoor
he is cute and great

Me too said...

gp, thanks. That was one of the first things that came to my mind and did not get edited!

Deepak, why worry about handwriting. It is anyway becoming extinct! 'Munnaiyaavadhu aiyo eppidida love letter yezhudharadhu indha handwriting-lennu kavalai padanam. Ippollaam "you've got mail" dhaane'! Another thing is that may be since you might've been a forced rightie, try writing with your left :-) "Idhu epdirukku!"

Me too said...

Balaji, 'high funda celebrities-a? Kindala ille enga annatheya appidi solreengala'?

Mitr, 'vasuki style'ellam enga husband-kku puriyadhu adhanaledhan!! :-) He read it as 'nada vasuki' and thought it was like 'kovai' sarla!!! LOL!
Yes, most characters we read/watch cannot be enjoyed in real life! That is why 'take it easy' policy!

Narayanan, 'appidiya'! I will note that too! I only knew the 'kenaru-vaaLi' story!

Me too said...

Keerthi, 'thalaivaaa... engiyo poyiteenga!' I did not mean that deeply(but that's made me thinking!). 'Be a good example', in a way!

Uma, Wow! Lucky you!

tt_giant said...

aaha.. forced rightie matter aalathaan apdiyo?.

aana, neega solradha correct. ellam compooter mayam aaiduthu.

narayanan said...

I only knew the 'kenaru-vaaLi' story!

kenaru-vaaLi story. i dont know that :-s.

BTB, the line: vasugi valluvanai da pottu dhaan thittuval is from 'Poi Sollalaam' song in 'Yei Nee Romba Azh(ukk)aga :P Irukke'

Me too said...

Deepak, right, left, center, try panni parunga!! Illenna irukkave irukku compooter!

Narayanan, che, cinema paataa.. Anyway, the story is something like this:
One day when Vasuki was drawing water from the well the sage suddenly called her and the obedient wife instantly came to attend to his wishes, leaving the bucket hanging midway down the well. When she went back she found the bucket hanging in mid-air just as she had left it.

Anonymous said...

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