Thursday, September 29, 2005

Friday Melody - 'Chinnanchiru'

Chinnanchiriya vanna paravai - Kungumam
I somehow used to hate this song whenever it came on radio or in 'Oliyum oliyum' in those good, old DD days. Sounds good to me now! Enjoy this Sivaji classic.

Chinnanchiru vayadhil - Meendum Kokila
Sweet song, simple picturisation and featuring one of my favourite pairs!

Chinnanchiru kiliye - Kannukkul nilavu
Just added this song for those who would find the earlier songs too old. Fits my keyword and sounds melodious!

Chinnanchiru kiliye - Manamagal
"Enga veettu chinnanchiru kili" is celebrating her birthday next week and this is one of her favourite songs. Though there are so many versions of this classic in movies, I love this one from the old movie, Manamagal featuring the beautiful young Padmini.

Keerthi & I discussed in my previous Bharathi song post about how this song could very well come under Kannamma, the lover/wife more than Kannamma, the daughter. Any thoughts, clarifications welcome.


Raju said...

Another good list of melodies for friday.. "Chinnanchiru kililye" of Bharathiyar is my favorite among them. My only addition is

"Chinnanchiru chitte endhan.. " - Chandrababu Classic.

Have a good weekend and unga aathu chinnanchiru kilikku advance birthday wishes!! (Eppo?)

Munimma said...

is she turning 2 or 3?
advanced h.

As to the Bharathiyar song, since Bharathi, due to lack of imagination (;-P) construed the same kannan/kannama as the be all and end all, that could be ok. Will check out my B book and write on this later.

btw, mundanai mudichi song in SJ's voice - chinnanchiru kiliye chithira something something. and one in the movie Mahalakshmi - chinnanchiru kannan - haven't heard it tho.

KRTY said...

aparna, Chinnanchiru Kiliye sung by Sudha Raghunathan is an amazing music..

Forget the male/female part.. but Bharathiyar soings are best heard in Sudha's Voice.

tt_giant said...

B Day wishes to your daughter!.

Chinnanjiru kizhiye is amazing when heard even in instrumental!.

Me too said...

Raju, Thanks. Thursday it is!

Munimma, hoping that '3' magically is going to rescue me from the terrible twos(but doesn't terrible go with three too, like ta-vannakku ta-vanna!)!!
Awaiting any clarification from B book.

Keerthi, Will check out Sudha's songs. I have a Bharathiyaar collection by Sowmya and was surprised to know that Bharathi has suggested a different raga for the song.

Deepak, Thanks. Yes, it is!

jack said...

the song from kumudham an awesome one

The mundhanai mudichi song is
chinnanchiru kiliye chithira poo vizhiyea..

one of the best version of chinanchiru keliye i heard was in some karunanidhi written movie with radhikha, nizhalgal ravi.Think it was nyayangal jaikattum or something.

b'day wishes to your kili :)

Balaji said...

hmmm... another 'friday melody' with no thalaivar songs!

the 'meendum kokila' song is one of my favs too. great song and very funny picturization...

Munimma said...

It gets terribler and terribler, progressively, until they leave the nest. You just get better accustomed to it. My younger one is younger by 2 mths :-)

7th man, imho, had the best of Bharathi, other than Bharathi, of course.

Me too said...

Sen, that version of 'Chinanchiru kiliye' is from 'Needhikku Dhandanai'(I was surprised to find that the music is by MSV and not IR) and thanks for the wishes.

--hmmm... another 'friday melody' with no thalaivar songs!
'romba pugazhadeenga!' :)

Munimma, I'm hearing this often these days! And I thought raising a kid was so easy!!
Totally agree!

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