Monday, July 25, 2005

My favorite filmi jodi(s)

I have been a big fan of this jodi since my childhood days. At that time I was puzzled why they couldn't just fall in love and get married to each other!
Be it 'Chippi irukkudhu muthum irukkudhu...' or the mischievous 'Perai chollava...' or the soft 'aadi velli thedi unnai...' or the sad 'kanne kalimaane...', Wow!!

To think that they did not have even one duet song together in 'Mauna Ragam' is surprising! Though none of the other movies they did together was as good as 'MR', I just love this pair.

This entry is for the sake of Surya and that wonderful 'Ennai konjam maatri...' from 'Kaaka kaaka'. No funny dance steps, no 200 people dancing behind. Just a casual trip to Pondy!!

Gemini Ganesan-Savithri
One great pair in the oldies category. 'Kaatru veliyidai kannamma...'

When QSQT was released, I was a fan of another star of that time. When my Dad said I could either watch this or my favourite star's movie, I confidently refused QSQT! Afterwards I only saw the movie after it completed 500 days! 'Ey mere humsafar....'

Dev Anand-Nutan
I am not sure how many movies they did together but I thought they made a great pair. The song 'Dil ka bavar kare pukar... in 'Tere ghar ke samne' is simply classic. The whole song is shown as they climb down the Qutab Minar. I can listen and watch it the rest of my life!


sen said...

who was this other star that u liked during QSQT.

AK-MD ??

Munimma said...

yep, kamal/sridevi tops my list too.
I also liked Amitabh and Rekha.

Revathy and Mohan were good too. Karthik and Revathy were good in kizhaku vasal too.

Balaji said...

will write later but quick note to ask "how could u miss SRK-kajol?!"

Sadhashiv said...

I think you missed out on the Father of all pairs RAJKAPOOR and NARGIS.... and actually Juhi suited in roles with Shah Rukh better than that stupid Aamir... infact Shah Rukh is such a star that he will make a good pair with any heroine... he has actually proved that by acting with Rani, Aishwariya etc.. name it and you have it... East or West Shah Rukh is the best... Only one point which I will go with you is Karthik and Revathy.. but somehow I feel Revathy will look more better with me than with Karthik... heee... heee.. heee..

Me too said...

Senthil, nope(I cannot stand MD)! Let me give some clues. He used to be a dancing star, presently a Mumbai MP.

Munimma, I almost came to list Mohan-Revathy and Karthik-Radha! Amitabh-Rekha made a great pair too. Somehow I always liked Amitabh prior to his superstar days(Anand, Abhiman etc.)

Balaji, I guess, Sadashiv's comments would have made it clear why I did not include 'SRK-Kajol'. Aamir/SRK are like Kamal/Rajni!

Sadashiv, the heading of the post says 'My favourite filmi jodis'. Not yours! And I think Revathy might consider you as her pair if anybody would finance a movie now!

keerthi said...

prabhu kushboo was a kool combination too. By the way, my favourite jodi is Mjaar and Saroja Devi. I watch any movie with this pair on. (think it will be difficult to write about simbhu... with three pairs of heroines in every movie, huh !) ;)

Munimma said...

prabhu and khush, yep seriyana (well-rounded) jodi :-P

MGR and Saroja - best was Anbe vaa, in that rajavin paarvai song, mgr thadavufies saroja's shoulder and arm horribly with this drool on his face ;-)

Me too said...

'Ey, Mr! Enna thadavureenga'(imagine Saroja Devi's voice)! LOL!

Vinesh said...

Very good choices Aparna...esp Kamal-Sridevi... I guess they acted in many movies together..

1. Moonram Pirai
2. Meendum Kokila
3. Varumayin Niram Sivappu
4. Sigappu Rojaakkal
5. Moonru Mudichu
6. Vaazhve Maayam
7. Padhinaru Vayadhinile
(there are more, but unable to recall now..)

GP said...

Sivaji-Padmini jodiyai marandhutteengale.. adhu maadhiri vere varuma?

tt_giant said...

I second GP.. amazing combo..

sen said...

Gov ya ?? :O ..... aparna u used to be a GOV fan??. Ok keep it as a secret.Dont let it out :).

Me too said...

Vinesh, wow! thanks for the list!

gp and Deepak, yeah, great pair!

Senthil, if Rani finds him attractive now can you blame me then?