Monday, July 18, 2005

Embarrasing then Funny Now - II

This happened when we were new in the US and my Husband's Boss took us out for dinner. We were at TGI Fridays and we were desperately putting across the message that we were Vegetarians. We ordered a salad, a 'garden' burger and a 'vegetable' medley. The food came. The salad had predominantly multicolour leaves and the 'vegetable' medley had steamed(half cooked, in our dictionary) rice and vegetables. I managed to push in a few leaves and some of the veggies which I could identify. My husband happily devoured his burger. At the end, the Boss was puzzled to find left-overs, mostly vegetables and remarked, 'you said you were vegetarians but you don't seem to eat any vegetables?!!'


Balaji said...

know exactly what u mean! so many cases where the exact same thing has happened to me when steamed vegetables r placed before me. i guess we're 'fried' vegetarians :)

Sadhashiv said...

Hey... when i had been to Mumbai last time my Jiju took me out for Dinner and made me to eat Sizzlers... are these steamed vegetable that you are talking abt something like that

Me too said...

That was then. Now if they are supposedly healthy, I eat any leaf!!

Now I don't know what 'sizzlers' are. But chances are that these things would've been added to the restaurant menus there.

Anonymous said...

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