Sunday, July 31, 2005

Aadha clarification!

Blog makkalukku oru sedhi!

Num fellow blogger Keerthi-kku orum perum sandegam. Adhai theerthuvaiporkku... enna kodukkalaam... 1000 comments??

Sorry, sorry! Just trying to help with your Monday blues!!

Anyway, my blog address seems to have made Keerthi curious. Let me try to clarify him (and any others who felt a question mark on their mind). As most people would be knowing, aadha means half in Hindi and I am famous for doing 'arakora' stuff( sounded terrible)!!

The story of my getting this 'aadha' title.

It all started when I had lent an audio (recorded)cassette to my friend. I am not a person who would buy cassettes just for the sake of one good song('kanjathanam' my brother would say, 'sikkanam' I would say!). So, I used to record my favourite songs from the radio. When my favourite song gets announced, I would come running to hit the 'record' button of our 2-in-1. I generally used to have the cassette ready on the tape recorder but as it happens, sometimes someone would have played it or reversed it and so the existing song would get overwritten or would play after a big gap etc. More interestingly, if you had read my Vividh bharathi post, you would be aware that I listen to multiple languages, genres etc. and so my recordings also used to have different songs(hindi song... half way cut tamil bajan.... quarter way cut English pop... annoying advertisements and so on).

Now you can imagine how my friend would have 'padharified' on listening to my cassette! It was around that time that there used to be an advertisement for a tooth paste(Cibaca, I think) on TV in which a little girl would ask her father 'Aadha kya hai?' and all my friends started to pull my leg about how I could write a thesis on that! And that is how I became the 'Aadha' club President! I am also famous for quitting things half way. It is my hope that the address would remind me not to do it to my blogging!!


Balaji said...

was wondering about it too. but would never have come up with this! was thinking it was some combination of the names of you and/or your daughter and/or your hubby :)

sen said...

Glad you wrote this post fully :)

tt_giant said...

To be honest, I paid attention only to "me too" and "yennangal". Was wondering if you made a typo in this post. ;-)..

now i get it!

Me too said...

Balaji, believe me, I tried a lot of combinations like you said. None worked. Frustrated I typed out this and bam! it says 'your blog created successfully'!! BTW, it would have been a good idea to have had a 'karpanai' contest for the reason behind 'aadha', huh? Che! why didn't I think about it before!!

Senthil, I'm improving already, isn't it?

Deepak, I had to drag it to the limelight since Keerthi caught hold of it and put it so obvious in his blog!

keerthi said...

oh yeah ! sorry i noticed late.
appadiya vishayam :) like balaji, i was thinking it was some combination thing.
like, my friend Janakiraman (his father Sundararaman, mother Pattu, brother Ramakrishnan)
has his house named as "SUPRAJA" which is the starting of all their names. (cool isnt it)

anyways, sandhegam theerndhadhu.. Danks!

Me too said...

Keerthi, Danks to U2 for removing the ?? from my blog name!

Anonymous said...

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