Sunday, July 31, 2005

Some interesting news!

10th Planet of our solar system

The Universe and its secrets always intrigue me. Ever since my 5th Std Physics master while teaching about celestial bodies, told us about the possibility of life elsewhere on the Universe, I am wondering like many others, 'Is there anybody out there?'.

English speaking Priests wanted!

No Chinese competition this time!!


tt_giant said...

I think that there are some other life forms elsewhere. I mean, what are the chances that in this endless universe, only earth is habitable?

Try reading Michael Crichton's SPHERE. He says: We have a general assumption that life forms would have certain "life-like: characteristics - possessing chlorophyll or locomotory apparatus. Who knows? They may exist in forms which we can never imagine!!!.

Oh, btw, I don't think they can understand ENGLISH QUERIES like "Is there anybody out there?". ;-)

Me too said...

Deepak, yes, life elsewhere need not be in the form we know of. 'Adhane', this Hollywood people get all wild and present all sorts of creatures!

Probably yes that 'they' might not understand ENGLISH QUERIES. But on the other hand, probably they might. Anyway, I guess you know I did not mean English query. I remember watching a documentary in which they showed this 'code' containing different scripts, symbols etc.

Yes, I do think we are not alone. But if we are, imagine how miniscule and at the same time how special we are!!

keerthi said...

deepak, right-o-right.
Pluto has Vivekananda's speak easy english courses ;)

Aparna, i think we should not ask "Is anybody out there ?"... we should ask "Is anybody, in here ?".. (check your rooms)

Me too said...

Keerthi, LOL! Anyway, you have given me a good idea to scare my daughter (to get things done!)

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