Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vividh Bharathi - I miss you!

I really miss listening to radio and in particular, Vivid Bharathi. Call me old fashioned, but the times when only Doordarshan and Vivid Bharathi were the entertainers, was really something!!

My association with radio goes a long time. Listening to radio was a part of our daily routine: from 'Venkatesa suprabadam' to when we leave for school/office, it would be giving us company. I even had my schedules based on the programmes like bath after 'Indru oru thagaval', breakfast along with 'neyar viruppam' etc.

My family had no language boundaries. So, we would listen to tamil, hindi anything. Especially, the 'aap ki farmaish' around 2 PM used to be such a soother!! All in our family are used to working along with the radio playing. I even had a pocket radio to listen to when it was quiet time for the rest of them!!

In those days when owning numerous cassettes was a luxury (and no downloading mp3s, ofcourse!), when a favourite song is played, it would feel so ecstatic!! Now even though current facilities would let me listen to any song of my choice, somehow the 'radio style what next' seems more exciting.

These days I am having to contend with the online radios of which only one (thendral.com) seems to be working fine so far.


Anonymous said...

Its true even i am one of those who misses Vividh Bharathi.. I used to listen to nice songs only when i visit the house of this writer who is missing it so much...

Me too said...

Atlast, 'vara vazhi therinchudha'!Initially, I had planned to dedicate this post to you but since you never mailed, I dropped that idea.

Sadhashiv said...

That was too bad of you to drop the idea.. but i am really happy that you started off with something which is favourite to both of us