Sunday, July 10, 2005

Embarrassing then, Funny now - I

Senthil's comment about MGR inspired by Errol Flynn's style reminded me of an incident involving Hollywood stars. It also brings me memories of quite a few other incidents of this kind (embarrassing / funny incidents) which I will post in parts.

Till about 15 years of my life, my exposure to Hollywood movies were minimal. My parents would occasionally take us to watch some famous, children's movies of that time. This happened when our family had moved to Bombay and I was this timid Madrassi girl! One friend asked me who I liked among the Hollywood stars. At that time I only knew 'Rambo' Stallone and Jackie Chan. My mind was racing to give the answer which would make me part of the gang and bang I said, 'Jackie Chan'!!!!!!

P.S. - Later that friend took me to watch 'Risky Business' to show a real hollywood star, Tom Cruise!


jack said...

Completely understand it. I was also like that :).Good thing is with all the star tv's and other english channels we are getting exposed to lot of good stuffs.NOw guys like kamal and mani cannot scilently remake english movies.

Me too said...

Actually, I'm renting all those movies you and others have listed under 'inspired' topics, to watch. Inspite of my being a Kamal fan, I didn't like his 'Thenali' but really enjoyed 'What about Bob?' recently.

jack said...

what abot bob has an entirely diferent treatment to it.Like jayaram in thenali,richard dreyfuss is great in what about bob.

check out "Tootsie" if you havn't already seen it.probably that's the next best comedy movie in that list.

Me too said...

'Tootsie' noted down!