Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Melody - It's different!

Just thought of some songs where the directors(Music & Movie) have tried to present something different.

Kodi asaindhadhum - Paarthaal pasi theerum
One of MSV-Kannadasan classic combo. "The egg came first or chick came first" kind-of lyrics through out.

Chippi irukkudhu - Varumaiyin niram sivappu
Another of MSV-Kannadasan combo with the addition of KB-Kamal. One of my favourite romantic songs of all time!
'Sindhai irakkudhu sandham irukkudhu kavidhai pada neram illadi rajathi'!!

Manasukkul ukkandhu - Kalyana agadhigal
A very sweet song with most TV programme titles in the lyrics. I still remember the special programme shown on TV about the making of this song. (sorry, no links! Couldn't find the song anywhere on the net!)
"Kanmani poongavinil kaathirundhen, kanne thadangalukku varutham sonnen!"

Nivedha - Nee paadhi naan paadhi
Vasanth inherited that 'special attention to songs' quality from his guru, KB(though he could work on the art of song picturisation a bit more). The camera, the voice of SPB and the music made even Gowthami look pretty!!


jack said...

Manasukkul utkarnthu awesome song.You made me nostolgic today.The song refuses to leave my head :)

malayil sollayil illam thendral vellayil,
Kaanbom Karpoom yenna keataen

Kanmani poongavinil kaathirundhen, kanne thadangalukku varutham sonnen!

Vizhiyil Aaa Ahhh Ahhh...
Vizhiyil, oliyum oliyum kandaen

Manthukkul utkarnthu mani adithai
yen mounathai isayaga mozhi peyarthai
illagatha yen nenjil idam pidithai
endru yen kadhal therukku vadam pidithai

Balaji said...

1st 2 r awesome songs... dont think i've heard 'manasukkul ukkandhu' though :(

adhenna "even Gowthami look pretty!!"??!! she was a cutie then... :)

Yours Truly said...

#s 1 and 2 are ammazing songs, perfect melodies!! 3rd never heard :( and 4th is refreshing whenever u listen to.

Few more that cross my mind...
kadavuL amaithu vaitha medai(avaL oru thodarkadhai) - a cute song again in MSV-Kannadasan-SPB combo with real good mimicries
Paarthen sirithen pakkathil azhaithen(Veera Abhimanyu??) - a romantic duet-all words ending with thaen
Sangeetha swarangaL(Azhagan) - for a different concept of picturisation by KB and one of the very good compositions by Maragathamani

NaiKutti said...

very good picks... i don't think i have heard the 3rd one either... the other songs are just too good... nice picks for the weekend though i read it on monday :-)

Me too said...

Sen, I'm glad! Thought I was the only one to know the lyrics!!

Balaji, oh! 'Unga andha kaalathu Anni-ya'!!

Yours truly, thanks for the inputs! Guess, I will have one MSV-Kannadasan spl. someday!!

Karthik, thanks. Good to listen to anyday, isn't it?

Raju said...

Nice list..

Most Tv programs titles in the lyrics? didnt know that..
And, I thought Vasanth had that innovativeness from his very first movie.. 'Mannil Indha kaadhal' ..

manipayal said...

வணக்கம் அபர்ணா, அமீர் கல்யாணி ராகத்தில் சில பாடல்கள் தேடியபோது வலையில் உங்கள் பிளாக் பார்த்தேன். "மனசுக்குள் உட்கார்ந்து மணி அடித்தாய்" பாடலும் அதே ராகம்தான். அருமையான பாடல். இந்த பாடல் நேரடியாக தொலைக்காட்சியிலேயே எழுதப்பட்டது.பாலச்சந்தர், வைரமுத்து மற்றும் இசை அமைப்பாளர் நரசிம்மன் மூவரும் சேர்ந்து படைத்த அற்புதமான பாடல். பாடலை நானும் வலயில் தேடினேன். இதுவரை கிடைக்கவில்லை. கிடைத்ததும் என் பிளாகில் போஸ்ட் செய்கிறேன்.