Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Melody - 'Pudhiya'

It's a new year in a new place and even Bhogi signifies 'Pudhiyana pugudhalum, pazhaiyana kazhidhalum', isn't it? So, it is 'Pudhiya' for this first Friday melody of 2006!!!

Pudhiyadhu pirandhadhu - Thevar Magan

Pudhiya poovidhu - Thendrale Ennai Thodu

Pudhiya vaanam - Anbe Vaa


Raju said...

That was surprising but good too.. forgot that there was no melody from you on the new year.. Good theme, though and nice songs.

Thendrale ennai thodu is a superb melody.. That probably was the last superhit combo of IR-Sridhar, I think.. awesome songs..

NaiKutti said...

the thevar magan song invariably gets played during pongal time :-)

Bala (Karthik) said...

Puthaandai inidhe thodangiyulleer!

Yours Truly said...

Hi, Bloghopped from Raju's. Nice space u have out here!!Actually expected Pudhu veLLai mazhai, but may b u din include it coz it doesn't start with "Pudhiya".

Thendrale ennai thodu - enchanting melodies. Love the one u mentioned...Thendral vandhu ennai thodum and KaNNane nee vara kaathirundhen are also good numbers :)

Me too said...

Raju, thanks. "That was surprising " - Idha Idhathaan edhirpaathen!!

Karthik, I thought the exclusive 'Pongal' song in Mahanadhi would be the usual.

B(K), nandri, sagaa!

Yours truly, welcome and thanks for your comments. Watch out this space for more melodies every Friday!

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Happy pongal..puthiya pongal :)

tt_giant said...

Nice songs and Happy Pongal!

I did not know that Thendrale ennai thodu was by Sridhar. Is it the same Sridhar who directed Kaadhalikka Neramilali?

Raju said...

Deepak, yes. Did you know that it was Sridhar who introduced Vikram (opp. Rohini)? Poor guy is down with paralysis for several years and the actors who made their careers out of his movies (Vikram himself, JJ, Karthik, et al.) havent apparently provided any help.

Anonymous said...

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