Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Melody - 'Kalyanam'

The start of Tamil month 'Thai' means 'kalyana season'. With poor 'Margazhi' deemed unfit for weddings(or any other function for that matter), the month 'Thai' most of the time is overwhelmed with 'kalyanams'. From Jan 21st - 29th, almost every day a friend or relative of mine celebrates their Wedding Anniversary. So, it is 'kalyana' melody today.

Kalyana then nila - Maunam Sammadham

Kalyana maalai - Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal

Kalyana vaLai oosai - Urimai Kural

Kalyana samayal saadham - Maya Bazaar

Ketti melam kottura kalyanam - Chandrodayam
Though this song does not start with 'kalyanam', I just could not pass it. One Sunday evening my parents had planned to see 'Shaolin Temple' in the theatre leaving me and my brother with our grandparents at home. I was so upset but my mother insisted that the Sunday movie in the TV was even more fun than 'ST' and that movie was Chandrodayam!! I started watching the movie with a frown which changed to a smile and towards the climax, I was jumping up and down with joy!!


Munimma said...

how can you forget kalyanam thaan katti kittu ;-P

Also, isn't there an old VaniJ song, en kalyana oorkolam...

Munimma said...

sorry, that was en kalyana vaiboham

Raju said...

Nice nice.. 'Kalyana maalai' is one of my alltime favorite songs.. I was about to tell you about the VJ song Munimma mentioned..

Chandrodhayam was the MGR-JJ-Nagesh movie,, right? I too remember liking it.. My instant memory of that movie is Asokan checking the temperature of the bath tub in which JJ would take bath and the 'Kaasikku pogum sanyasi' song.. :-)

tt_giant said...

super choice!. kalyaana maalai is my fav among them.

I have not seen Chandrodayam.. whats special about it?

mitr_bayarea said...


As everybody else Kalyana Maalai is our favorite kudumba song and as a couple, we each have our favorite lines in that song.......

Some of the other songs i can think of-

1. Kalyanam Anavare Sowkyama from an early sixties movie sung by Suseela 2. From Metti- song is Kalyanam Ennai Mudikka

mitr_bayarea said...

also, 3. kalyanam kacheri from avvai shanmughi

NaiKutti said...

Nice selection for Thai masam. The first two are one of my favorites. And I was abt. to tell Samy movie song that Munimma mentioned :-)... Before u tell me, I know it doesn't fit this melodious list!!

Balaji said...

i think there's an old song that goes 'kalyanam kacheri kondattam ellame...' :)

i don't think there's any1 who doesnt like 'kalyana maalai...'. and amala look awesome in 'kalyana thennila...' :)

Yours Truly said...

"Kalyana thaen nila" and "Kalyana maalai" are the ones which have a reserved seat in my playlist always. I just love them both for the music and lyrics.
Kalyana samayal saadham - Enakku ippo pasikkardhu!!!!

Me too said...

Munimma, guess Karthik has answered for me about the 'Samy' song. There are too many 'kalyanam' songs that I thought I would reserve some for next year! :)

Raju, Yes, Chandrodayam was such a hilarious movie to me at that time!

Deepak, Chandrodayam is the MGR version of 'Roman Holiday'!! LOL!

Mitr, Thanks for your list. Like I said earlier, there are a number of 'Kalyana' songs. Will use them later!!

Karthik, Glad you saw(& enjoyed!) it in the weekend!!

Balaji, Somehow I thought cos' the Amala factor, 'Kalyana thennila' would score above 'Kalyana maalai'!!

Yours truly, 'Kalyana samayal saadham'-hmm.. I can only dream!!

Anonymous said...

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