Friday, January 05, 2007

FM - 'வானம்'

வானம் வசப்படுமே - வானம் வசப்படும்

வானம் நமக்கு - அஞ்சலி

வானம் தரையில் - உன்னுடன்

வானம் அருகில் - நீயா

வானம் கீழே - தூங்காதே தம்பி தூங்காதே

வானம் என்ன வானம் - பிரியமான தொழி


Raju said...

Glad to see two Annathey movies in the list.. My fav among these is the Anjali song.. Beautifully shot..

D LordLabak said...

Never heard of the movie vaanam vasappadum. How do you get these songs?

Bala (Karthik) said...

Vaanam Vasappadum was directed by P.C Sreeram (first movie to be shot in Hi-Definition digital), starring 'America mappilai' Karthik who comes as Prasanna's friend in Kanda Naal Mudhal.

"Vaanam keezhe" - What a song! Amazing prelude and 1st interlude
"Vaanam namakku" - Superb choral...harmony..

The Talkative Man said...

Vanam vasappadum was by the late Mahesh of Nammavar fame.

Me too said...

raju, did you notice that 2006's surprise heroes, Vadivelu(23rd Pulikesi) and Pasupathy(Veyyil, E) are all Annathey's finds(or atleast he brought out the best in them in the first place)?

deepa, the movie is adapted from one of Sujatha's story is the only info. left for me to add! But it is kind-of a distressing movie!

b(k) & ttm, ellaam solliyacha!! :(

D LordLabak said...

I like Karthik. Maybe I should watch that movie and like mahesh's music too. Thanks BK, TTM & Aparna. So will try getting this one.

tt_giant said...

hmm.. i can recognize only 2 among these! Happy new year!!

Munimma said...

happy new year to you too!

vaanam arugil oru vaanam is one of my faves. wonderful lyrics. shades ravi and radha movie, right?

Me too said...

deepa, now you know who to turn to for movie suggestions! Can save you from 'vaathiyaar's! ;)

deepak, welcome back, maaplai!!

munimma, welcome back! 'Shades' Ravi & Radha movie, eh? Can't seem to recollect!

Anonymous said...

Some months back you enquired about Ayiram andugal, chk out this link

Kurudhipunal is also by Mahesh.

Me too said...

ttm, nyabagam vechu link thandhadhukku nandri!