Friday, January 26, 2007

FM - "புத்தம் புது'

"புத்தம் புது பூமி வேண்டும்" - திருடா திருடா

"புத்தம் புது ஓலை வரும்" - வேதம் புதிது

"புத்தம் புது காலை" - அலைகள் ஓய்வதில்லை

"புத்தம் புது பூ பூத்தது" - தளபதி

"புத்தம் புது மலரே" - அமராவதி


Syam said...

wow wow wow....nice songs... :-)

Deepa said...

sometimes you amaze me with your database. I didnt think anyone except me remembered Puttham pudhu olai varum song. I love that song. It was picturised on Ammala (double m - numerology) beautifully.

SKM said...

couldn't remember any good old songs.udanae ninaivukku varadhu
"putham pudhiyadhada mutham" from Kadhal sadugudu.sumar pattudhan.

Syam said...
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Raju said...

'Puthampudhu' songs are all superb ones.. My fav is the 'Alaigal oivathillai' song.. folld. by 'Thalapathy'. Pity that the latter song was absent in the movie.

Me too said...

syam, danks, danks!!

deepa, that 'Vedam Pudidhu' song is quite the unforgettable kind!

skm, wow your memory!

raju, oh! Didn't know that the 'Thalapathy' song didn't feature in the movie.