Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I don't know if it is an Indian mentality but anything new especially if makes life convenient/comfortable makes me skeptical. Infact, I almost always stand in the way of my husband's (unending!) wish for new electronic gadgets. At times it is like Rukmini limiting Krishna's அவல்(poha) eating, but sometimes I also learn to enjoy the item's use and convenience(like the Digital camera or GPS system).

The Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta is a fun park. With the weekend weather spring-like(with ஆளாளு giving certificates that it is El Nino and/or Global warming's effect!), coupled with some interesting holiday attractions for kids, it turned out a nice outing. With hubby dear safely taken the cameraman's role, I had no choice but get into the rink for my daughter's sake. Wow! How easy and simple the Ice skating appears from outside! Just a short walk to the kiddies rink through the adult's ice skating rink proved a nice 'சில்லரை வாரல்'!!

BTW, have you heard? Like googled, bangalored it is plutoed now!!


Munimma said...

overheard about 'plutoed' today at the gym. cool!

ttm said...

March Madness(NCAA basketball finals) is in ATL this year. But tickets got sold out 4 months in advance :(

Deepa said...

After a lot of chillarai, I can wear 'em and stand now. Maybe if someone pushes from behind, i can move too. My aim is to not fall, never mind moving around.

Me too said...

munimma, cool-a? cold-colder-coldest(Pluto-vaache!)! BTW, how about Amitabh Bachchanned (for demotion and then double promotion)?

ttm, the March Madness that I'm concerned at my house right now is the ICC worldcup in WI(time for my Rukhmani avatharam again!!)!

deepa, thanks. So, I can now hope to stand on my own 2 legs someday, huh?

Sandai-Kozhi said...

I read about that a few days back.
konja decades la dictionary maridum pola.

SKATING! Good luck!
I have no guts to try that.Did once a simple roller skating,not even Iceskating.Shoe matti ezhundhu nikka vaichadhudhan theriyum,next second I was badly bruised by the fall.Never tried again.yennakku dhairiyam illa sami.
hehehe.paduthutta parthukka yar irukka?--SKM

tt_giant said...

hehe! ice skating is very tricky!!

hmph! talking about ice, actually, I would rather not talk about it after what happened the past 2 days in seattle!

Me too said...

skm, future-le dictionary-a thooki vekka rendu aal vekkanam polarkku!!
Aiyo! Naan side support-a pidichittu skate panna azhaga paathirukkanume!!

deepak, enna sir, 'pudhu vellai mazhai' ungalukkagave 'pozhigindradhu', ensoy!!