Friday, November 03, 2006

FM - "அழகு"

"அழகிய மிதிலை" - அன்னை

"அழகிய கண்ணே" - உதிரி பூக்கள்

"அழகு ஆயிரம்" - உல்லாச பறவைகள்

"அழகோ அழகு" - ராஜபார்வை

"அழகு மயிலாட" - வைதேகி காத்திருந்தாள்

"அழகான ராட்சசியே" - முதல்வன்

அழகு தமிழில் எழுத தூண்டிய/உதவிய திரு. ஜிங்குசக்கா & திரு. சியாம் அவர்களுக்கு நன்றி!!


Munimma said...

Isn't it azhage azhagu? one of my favorites, along with the other kamal one, azhagu ayiram.

We used to sing azhukke azhukku... ;-)

Raju said...

Wow.. Tamil post? Cool.. Nijamavey azhagudhan..

Me too agrees with Munimma.. (ironic statement, ille, in ur blog?) It is 'Azhage'..

And, it is 'Azhagu malaraada' in Vaidehi..

Unga azhagana post-ku idhu rendum 'Drushti'nnu vachukkalam...

BTW, what is the most apt word for 'melody' in Tamil?

Jinguchakka said...

Seeing "Mr.Jinguchakka" in tamizh is very funny.
And yes, this song-list post looks better in Tamizh.

Syam said...

தமிழ்ல போஸ்ட் அழகோ அழகு...

ஆமா அது யாருங்க திரு.சியாம்..இப்படி எல்லாம் யாருமே என்ன சொன்னது இல்ல ஒரே அழுகாச்சியா வருது :-)

I said...

YAY! vazhga thamizh. I'll support thamizh by continuting to write in English and hating Indhi.

SKM said...

அழகு அழகு--பாட்ஷா
அழகு சிரிக்கின்றது--இருவர் உள்ளம்.
என்னாலும் இரு பாடல்கள் சொல்ல முடிந்ததே.இந்த வெள்ளிக்கிழமை வழக்கம் எதற்க்காக என கேட்கலாமா?

Has to be me said...

Azghana post! :)

ttm said...

Azhagiya kanne - If all that IR did was to compose this one song and retire for good, it's still enough to find him a place in the Holy Grail of tfm.
Azhagu Malaraada - Vaidehi Kathirundhal was released 10/23/84 barely a week before Mrs.Gandhi's assassination. Azhagu Malaraada became a de-facto dance item in any cultural function after that. When we moved to std 6, majority of the class were involved in number of dance/dramas for Fresher's Day. One of the newcomers was a girl who danced to this song..few months after that, she had serious lung problems, often missed school or had concussion midway in class. She left the school after that and we never came to know if her disease was fatal or if she recovered. Every time I hear this song, I am reminded of that July afternoon.

Raju said...

TTM, ungalukkum 'azhagu malarada'-oda ippadi story irukka? same here.. There was this girl who did a splendid performance in the main temple festival dancing for this song. She was beautiful and pretty young then.. early teen.. Within few weeks, I heard that she died in an accident. Even now, whenever I see/hear it, I remember her. what a tragedy.

Me too said...

munimma & raju, and I was worried about spelling mistakes!

jc, நன்றி!

syam, இப்படி feel பண்ணுவீங்கன்னு தெரிஞ்சிருந்தா 2-3 extra 'திரு' போட்டிருப்பேனே! ;)

i, support from outside, eh?

skm, சும்மா ஒரு jolly-க்கு தான்!

htbm, danks!

ttm & raju, ஐயோ, இந்த பாட்டுக்கு என்ன இப்படி ஒரு ராசி!!