Friday, November 17, 2006

FM - "பொன்"

"பொன் மானே" - ஒரு கைதியின் டயரி

"பொன் வானம்" - இன்று நீ நாளை நான்

"பொன் மாங்குயில்" - மனசுக்குள் மத்தாப்பு

"பொன் மானை" - மைதிலி என்னை காதலி

"பொன்னை விரும்பும்" - ஆலய மணி


Raju said...

Wow.. really a golden collection.. Some of my alltime favorites..

In fact, glad to find 'Maithili' song here, though it is usually believed to start with 'Salangai ittAl oru mAdhu'..

Sandai-Kozhi said...

ponnezhil poothadu
pon malai pozhudhu..idhu oru pon malai pozhudhu--Nizhalgal

Munimma said...

ponn ezhil is such a haunting song.

isn't there a pon vandu thaan paarthadamma, Murali with that I-am-such-a-loser-lover-boy look?

I said...

week end special ellam kidayadha?

Raju said...

LOL on Munimma's comment on Murali. That song begins with "PoonkodithAn poothadhammA".. this is my most fav song from 'Idhayam'. :)

Syam said...

பொன் விற்கும் விலையில் பாட்டு மட்டும் தான் கேட்க முடியும் :-)

Me too said...

raju, the "Mythili" song was a drift from my usual as I thought it started with "Oru"!! ;)

skm, good ones!! thanks!

munimma, LOL!!

i, weekend-ey spl. dhaane?! sometimes no posts/comments dhaan spl!!

syam, coreet dhaan!!

Deepa said...

I alwaysear that pon manguil as pemmanguil in Manasukkul matthappu.

Me too said...

Deepa, and I always hear the song "Pen maane sangeedham paadi vaa" from "Naan Sigappu Manidhan" as "Pon maane..."!!