Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Motor Skills

It's been ages since I wrote(I mean actually wrote with a pen/pencil on a paper!) anything more than 2-3 lines. But if I had to write a letter/essay for 1-2 pages, will my hands ache???

The following from the latest Reader's Digest got me wondering.

Christmas Card Cramp

Writer's cramp is a bona fide ailment. But in our computerised world, we're more familier with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by repetitive motions such as typing. So even though you barely pick up a pen all year, you spend hours writing notes to everyone you know - and then more time nursing your aching hands.

Stay safe secrets Don't do more than a half-hour of repetitive muscle work without getting up for a five minute break" says Dr. Schiller. Even better, get your kids to help out.

அட பாவிகளா!!! IMO, The சொகுசு life style of our time seems to mean except "sitting on the couch and watching the box(and munching something!)", everything else is stress!!

Further, the article mentions about this website, www.fontifier.com to scan your handwriting and print "hand written" notes, pain free!!! Wow-o-wow!!!


Syam said...

itha thaan Banana Lazy nu appove solli irukaanga :-)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

LAZINESS!kashtam mathuradhu.
Physically inactive ayittu irukkom.
ore velai saidhu Muscles bore adichu poi strike panna ,appuram enna pannalamnu yosikira stage.HI TECH PRICE!--SKM

Me too said...

syam, Banana veLaiyaadha oorunaalum, banana lazy ellaam veLainjududhu!!

skm, neraya saapda mattum vaai valikka maatengudhu!!

Raju said...

atleast I dont have that problem, since I have to write my lab note book, and I am glad my handwriting is still good.. :) I love to see my handwriting rather than the same boring print-out.. nevertheless, I have observed one thing.. my fingers pain when I write in tamil.. Jilebi effect, huh? ;)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

//skm, neraya saapda mattum vaai valikka maatengudhu!!//
adhukku badhila pallu udaijudumae.;)--SKM

ttm said...

my fingers pain when I write in tamil.. Jilebi effect, huh?

lol, yes good observation!! happens often..

Me too said...

raju, You get to actually 'write' (almost) everyday? Wow!

skm, pallu odanja enna, poi pallu katti mosukkalaame(enna karukku-murukku mudiyadhu!)! ;)

ttm & raju, agree with the 'jilebi effect'. Made me wonder if the absence of a 'running hand' in Tamil is to blame. Won't our fingers hurt if we wrote English in block letters all the time too?

I said...

writing is a passe activity.

Me too said...

I, sadly, yes!!