Friday, November 10, 2006

FM - "நீல(ம்)"

"நீல வான ஓடையில்" - வாழ்வே மாயம்

"நீலக் குயிலே" - சூரசம்ஹாரம்

"நீலக் குயில்கள்" - விடுதலை

"நீல நயனங்களில்" - நாளை நமதே


Raju said...

Super.. I love Blue..

Nice compilation.. only other song that came to my mind is 'Neela kuyile unnodu naan paN paaduvEn'..

Ur FM has got a new glow, since the last week.

I know I am harsh.. but lemme point it out.. your song #s 2 and 3 should have had a 'k' after 'la' (Neelak kuyile and Neelak kuyilgaL, acc. to tamil ilakkaNam). And, #4 s'd have 'na' number 2 in naya'n'angaLil, e.g. how Nayanthara is written in thamizh.. meaning is the same, i.e. eyes.

Sorry sorry for being too picky. Have a good weekend..

Anonymous said...

2 40+ oldies...Neela vanna kanna vada, Neela niram(2), vaanukkum mannukkum(TMS for MGR) first heard/saw the latter in a thiruttu DVD on a TNSTC bus.

EarthlyTraveler said...

nan solla vandhadhai ttm has told.
"neela vanna kanna vadaa,nee oru mutham thadaa" mattundhan ninavukku varudhu.Have a nice weekend.--SKM

Me too said...

raju, thanks for pointing out the mistakes! 'Nayanam' is pardonable(though explaining it with nayanathara example was such an insult!), but the 'k-anna'? Aah, how did I miss!!

ttm & skm, I had the "neela vanna kanna vaada" in mind till yesterday and today I forgot!! :(

ttm, just can't recall that TMS song!

I said...

nayantara namitha all good wonly.

Anonymous said...

me too,
remember 'Nenjam undu, nermai undu'? same movie. Nenjam undu had a dig at DMK promises and possibly contributed to their election defeat. Goes to show that every line of tamil songs have paal-tics mixed in them.

Me too said...

i, neelam, neelambari not okay-va?

ttm, got it! It is from the movie "En Annan". The most surprising thing is that this movie is listed in!!!

Syam said...

neelak kuyile apdinaa...long kuyile va...anyways gud collections..mathabadi nayanthaarava pathi already makkal theivayana alavuku review pannitaanga :-)

Me too said...

syam, tamil font sollikudutha guruji, neenga neela-tha, neeLam aakkalaama? :)