Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Melody - 'Ding dong'

Just a reminder that on Sunday the 'day light savings' ends. Yay! We get an hour extra(Once a year our house-hold will be on time!) on Sunday!

Ding dong - Ji
A very lovely melody. The first time I heard it, I did not know which movie it was from, who sang or anything. The picturisation is also neat with no 101 people behind or the hero/heroine in the front exercising!

Irandum - Panakkaran
Another 'ding dong' song.

Oru mani - Kaalamellam kaadhal vaazhga
One of the many nice melodies of Hariharan. I cannot seem to remember anything related to this song/movie!

Peigala - Mahanadhi
It is 'halloween' on Monday. Adhukkaga, enga Annathey paattu onnu!!


Balaji said...

i really expected a scary-themed 'friday melody' today. anyway, thalaivar paattu iruku. adhu podhum :)

Munimma said...

what was Gowth and Rajini song with a clock in the background?

well, in a kind of far-fetched way ram bam bam :-D (to balance out the Rajini effect)

Raju said...

Nice.. another 'timely' post. :)

Oru mani adithaal is a one of my favorites of Hari. This is the song Murali sings, with Kausalya among the audience. She feels uncomfy in the middle and leaves, and the songs plays in her car too..

Though I dont have any story to tell you about it like last time, this story is kinda personal. In IISc, there was one beauty who would come to our mess sharp at 1 PM for lunch.. and a few guys, including my hostel wing-mate used to come around the same time and wait till she comes to sit besides/in front of her..

She was called "oru mani".. whenever I sang the song loud in my hostel, he would tease me that I sing that while remembering her. mm.. adhellam malarum ninaivugal.. :)

Balaji said...

munimma, the rajni-gowthami song is the 'irandum ondrodu' song from 'panakkaaran' that aparna has listed :)

Me too said...

Balaji, 'avlo predictable aagittena?'

Munimma, somehow I too was a bit confused if 'Panakkaran' had Amala though the song reminded me of Gowthami.

Raju, Wow! The song took you down memory lane-a?