Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Melody - 'Thangam'

Thanga thamarai magale - Minsara Kanavu
A feast to the eyes and ears(for both men and women!), huh? Recently, quite a few blogs carried a recent picture of Aravindsamy. It was shocking! But wow! I realised from the comments how much of a competition he had been to the men-folk in his prime!!!

Thanga changili - Thooral Ninnu Pocchu
One of the earlier movies of Bagyaraj. Trademark Ilayaraja melody.

Thangathile oru - Baaga Pirivinai
An old classic with Sivaji Ganesan and Saroja Devi.

Thanga Magan - Batsha
A nice song. One of the few surprises from music director Deva! (Only listenable, for me!)

Thanks to Raju for his interest & support every Friday for this post!


Balaji said...

nice list. and glad to finally see thalaivar's song :)

KRTY said...

Oh ! Sona.. Oh ! Sona..
Remember the Vaali Song.. (Sona nna thangam dhaanungale. )

Please listen to this and this .

narayanan said...

u missed yet another thalaivar paatu. 'Thangangale Thambigale Madurai Veeran solluradha kelunga' from 'Thillui Mullu'. gundu kalyanam birthday appo paaduvaangale andha paatu.

Slice Of Life said...

thangangale naalia thalaivargale " filmed on shivajiin enga mama sung by TMS is alos a good number

Thanga thamarai magale - Minsara Kanavu
arvindswamy in this song was toooooo cweet

Anonymous said...

Another nice collection.. (thanks for mentioning me... :-) )

Thanga thamarai magaley (a National award winning song) is just awesome, sung beeeautifully by SPB.. One small news about it: When Rajiv Menon explained the song situation to Kajol, she was a bit concerned about the meaning, since it had some close scenes with Arvindswamy. When someone translated the meaning to Kajol, she was totally awestruck by Vairamuthu's 'thanga varigal' that she praised him saying "she has never heard anything so romantic in her movies"... :-)

Me too said...

Balaji, thanks. 'Mogambo kush hua?' Surprised that you did not mention 'oru thanga radhathil' song!

Keerthi, 'swarna' paattu onnum nyabagam varaliya? Anyway, thanks for the songs. 'Suzanna' used to be a favourite in my friends' circle with 'Why now? Why me? Why' quoted all the time!

Ranganathan st., welcome and thanks for the addition(but note one thing. Enga thalaivar vera!)

Uma, thanks for the 'Enga mama' song. ASwamy fan-a? Latest photo paatheengala?

Raju, thanks. Yeppa! Ennannavo titbits therinju vechirukeengale!!

Balaji said...

'oru thanga radhathil' is one of my favs. but neenga romba picky aache. adhaan that song starts with 'oru' and not 'thangam'-nu solli reject panniduvingalo nenachen. anyway, thalaivar paattu onnu irundhaale adhu nooru irukkara madhiri thaane :)

and en sitela raju kodutha news vechu thaan avaruku tmdb(tamil movie database)-nu pattame koduthirukkom :)