Thursday, October 13, 2005

Friday Melody - 'Mazhai'

Its been a rainy week for us here in the Northeast and its been raining in Chennai too. So, what better theme than some 'Mazhai' songs.

Mazhai mazhai - Ullam Ketkume

Mazhaiyum neeye - Azhagan

Mazhai varudhu - Raja Kaiye vecha


mitr_bayarea said...

Good theme for this Friday.My choice of songs to the list:

1. Mazhai Thuli mazhai thuli -Sangamam

2.Mazhai Varuthu- Kshatriyan

3.Mazhai Tharumo en megam- Manitharil ithanai nirangala

4.Mazhai Thiranthu song sung by SPB

Balaji said...

nice pick... though i haven't yet thot of a thalaivar 'mazhai' song...

though it doesn't start with 'mazhai', i think 'andhi mazhai' comes darn close and should be included since its such a fantastic song(my all-time fav!)

and my addition is 'mazhaikkaala megam ondru' - not sure if its from 'guru' or 'vaazhve maayam'

keerthi said...

Mazhaye Mazhaye !!

this song features in June R. Sung by Hariharan.
everyone listen to this song.. its an ultimate melody.

tt_giant said...

Nice list. Even I am not able to think of any thalaivar's songs with mazhai.

@Mitr: Madai thirandhu... mazhai thirandhu illa!. Its from nizhalgazh.

Me too said...

Mitr, quite a surprise to get such a big list of songs from you!! And like Deepak has pointed out, the last song is 'madai thiradhu..'. Anyway, a big thanks!

Balaji, I have reserved 'andhi mazhai' song for a 'andhi' Friday!! 'Mazhaikkala megam ondru' is from 'Vaazhve maayam'. Funny to think that it was the first song I 'nettru-ed'('netru'!! btw, what language is this??)!

Keerthi, 'June R' mela romba hopes illennuttu, paattu paatta eduthu vidareenga!!

Deepak, thalaivar, thalaivar-nnu dhevikinne irunga!!

keerthi said...

yeah Aparna. No hopes on the movie.. now thats delaying too much on the release too. But this song is good..:)

Gangadhar said...

Wow..wonderful pic!!
And the songs are too gud...though i don't know the language...Listened to the songs because of my tamil friend here...

Me too said...

Keerthi, thanks for the recommendation! Wonderful melody by Hariharan.

Gangadhar, thanks for listening to the songs. Music needs no language, isn't it?

Raju said...

Poruthamana theme and lovely songs.. (nanum friday dhaan mazhai post pannenn)..

narayanan said...

keerthi hi-five, i liked the entire album except for one song. Just reviewed the album in my blog.

I can't recollect any other song physically starting with Mazhai, although there are umpteen more mazhai songs.