Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Melody - Mohd. Rafi Spl

Once again, it is celebration time at home. My father celebrates his birthday today. Mohd. Rafi is his favourite singer and so, today's melody is a collection of hindi songs by the mesmerising voice of Rafi Saab.

Madhuban mein Radhika - Kohinoor

Chaudavin Ka Chand Ho - Chaudavin ka chand

Taareef karoon kya - Kashmir ki kali

Tere mere sapne - Guide

Raahi manwa - Dosti


mitr_bayarea said...

Aparna: Mohammad Rafi was one of my dad's favourites too. He has a collection of both Rafi's and Kishore Kumar's songs. Although, i can't think of any particular song of his, i enjoyed hearing Kashmir Ki Kali songs way back when i was in high school.

tt_giant said...

Pass my b'day wishes to your dad.

I will listen to the songs now.. :-)

Anonymous said...

My birthday wishes to your dad and kili too. Three birthday celebrations on a row, huh? :-)

Mohd Rafi.. mm.. I love his voice too.. Especially his duets with Lata..

Some of my favorites of Rafi saab are:

Gunguna rahe... (Aradhna)
Dil pukare (Jewel thief)
Main gaon (Brahmachari)

have a good weekend..

Me too said...

Mitr, glad to know your father enjoys Rafi and Kishore Kumar songs too. I came to love old hindi songs b'cos of my father.

Deepak, thanks and I will surely pass on your wishes. He will be too happy as these past few years(since my daughter was born and since their b'days are only days apart) he complains that we don't 'kandufy' him much!!

Raju, thanks. Yeah, ore b'days mayam!!
Yes, Rafi's duets with Lata are great too. I'll post some later.

Munimma said...

Although I am more of a Kishore and Manna Dey (classical) fan, I like some of Rafi's, especially the romantic ones.

Madhuban is awesome. Man re tu kaahe, hum kisise kum nahin, nava kalpana, Baiju bawara - o duniya (what a range!) show his classical best.

His songs for Shammi and Dev Anand were some of his best in romantic/peppy numbers.

Hum bekhudi mein, pukarta chala hoon mein, choo lene do naazuk, khilona, nain lad jai hain, yaad na jayen, aaj ki raat mere, and so many many more.

Me too said...

Munimma, if as a 'less of a Rafi fan' you can list so many wonderful numbers, I wonder what thesis you can come up with Kishore and Manna Dey songs!! Anyway, thanks for the great list.

Anonymous said...

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