Friday, October 13, 2006

FM - "AB"

Teri bindiya re - Abhiman

Chupke chupke - Chupke Chupke

Kabhi Kabhi - Kabhi Kabhi

Ey kahan - Silsila

Tu na ja - Khuda Gawah

Kajra re - Bunty Aur Bubli


Munimma said...

oh yeah, big baby's bday, eh?

teri bindiya re has so much romance, subtly done. One of my favorites.

Another favorite of mine is rim jhim gire saawan, walking with moushomi chatterjee in the rain.

hard to limit your choices, eh?

Syam said...

am very strong in hindi hee hee...

someone commented about making extra money...thats the reason I asked :-))))

Anonymous said...

Hindi melody died with AB's entry, Hindi music died with AB's exit.

only AB films and not Jaya films?

Not a great weekend start for AAT(I) :)

Me too said...

Munimma, thanks for reminding me of "rim jhim gire sawan". It's been ages since I heard that song!!

syam, music has no language. Kelunga!

ttm, 50% of the songs that I've listed has Jaya in the lead. Enna aachu ungalukku?

Anonymous said...

no, i was referring to the obvious songs from movies with JB and no AB - jawani Diwani, Guddi(vani jairam). of course, that may not suit the title then.

Raju said...

Happy b'day to AB!!

Havent heard some of the listed songs.. but Kabhi kabhi is my favorite from this list..

Amazing how a TV show has changed the fortunes of a superstar!! Case of a riches-to-rags-back-to-riches story...

Me too said...

ttm, will definitely have one Jaya spl. soon!

raju, really amazing!! These days a movie/Ad without him is the surprise!!