Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sonnapadi Kelu!!!

Recently, I met an old acquaintance at a friend's house. When my friend (re)introduced me to him, for a minute I couldn't recognise him. He used to be wafer thin (that was almost a decade back!) and he really is on the other side now. Utterly surprised, I exclaimed, "oh, you've become so, so, ..." My mind was telling me not to use the word 'fat' but my adhigaprasangi vaai, blurted the exact same word!! Every time my mind flashbacks that incident, I feel so terrible!

This is not an isolated incident. Lately my mind and mouth seem to be like me and my daughter(the latter in both cases are developing a mind of their own!)! Another time, some of us were waiting impatiently for my brother who had gone on an errand, taking with him the tickets to 'Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu' . One of my relative was catching a train that evening but so wanted to join us for the movie. As it is she was feeling bad for not being able to join us and I commented, 'neenga saabam-keebam koduthuteengala? Ticket aala kaanume!', with my mind blaring, 'don't say that! It is not funny!'! She is one of the softest, sweetest person I know and 'Che, what a thing to have said!'

I am generally a person of few words(comparitively!) and admonish others to weigh their words before uttering that I'm appalled that such out of control things are happening to me! Idhu ippadinna, there are times when my mind would command, 'say something!' and Mr. Big Mouth-le verum kaathu dhaan varum!! Ennamo po!!

On an unrelated note, as it is, it is difficult to make people eat healthy food and now with the Spinach/E-Coli scare, 'romba nalladha pochu". Spinach - Why you? Why now? Why?? :(


mitr_bayarea said...


You are not alone in letting your tongue run away on its free will; I often say something overa or thvai illamal and then feel embarassed and tell myself to "moodify and keep quiet."

E-coli scare started w/ the spinach in California, athulendu my husband refuses to eat any kind of spinach!

Munimma said...

I have seen hubby putting both his feet in his mouth. I am usually the other end, can't get my mouth to move, unless there is food around.

As to spinach, as long as it is well cooked there shouldn't be a problem. I guess the problem is only with fresh spinach. But now with the lettuce scare, the head is sitting in the crisper, fate unknown.

Anonymous said...

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Raju said...

U r not alone.. happens, though very rarely, to me too.. esp. with fairer sex !! That time the mind would go 'Oh Gosh.. what happened to ur policy of behaving like a crane with a long neck, so u can think b4 u speak?'.

LOL'ed at the 'fat' incident.. I try to use words like 'weight' and 'healthy'.. ;)

Me said...

...believe me what u say is not that important ...how u say it...is....may be u said it in a casual way....& sometimes we tend to think too much into an issue when there is nothing serious abt it....indhavaati ippadi lam solli arudhal padithikitu....aduthavaati lendhu pesama irundhukonga......:p

Syam said...

this happens to everyone... :-)

btw, did u make some extra money :-)

Jinguchakka said...


Me too said...

mitr, raju & syam, I know there are times when words tumble out without us realising. But this I thought was different b'cos my mouth ignored the mind's advice.

munimma, raw-velaam table kitteye varaadhu! And one spoon of cooked ones even before it touches the tongue would make some people complain of stomach upset!!

me, andha last 2 lines solli manasa odachiteengale!!

syam, "btw, did u make some extra money :-)" - puriyaliye!!

jc, :(

I said...

There is french fries always..

kuttichuvaru said...

he he.... happens to evryone.... ithukkellam feel panna koodaathu :-)

syam was askin u abt the spammer who asked u if u wanna make extra money :-) avaru intha nattaamai velai ellam neraiya pannuvaaru!!

Me too said...

I, ensoy!!

KC, danks ba!!

Deepa said...

he he, I am sure you are not alone sister.:-)