Friday, October 06, 2006

FM - "Chinna"

Chinna papa enga sella papa - Vannakili

Chinna poo chinna poo - Jappanil Kalyanaraman

Chinna mani kuyile - Amman Koyil Kizhakale

Chinna poove - Chinna Poove Mella Pesu

And my last 'chinna treat',

on popular demand,

Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru - Kamal
(All credits to my dear 'ennavar' who on my 'eLLu' request came up with this 'eNNai'!!)

UPDATE : Sorry that the 'KY-K' link doesn't work any longer. Google Annachi says 'Your video "Kamal.wmv" was rejected because it didn't comply with ourProgram Policies.' :(


Me said...

no chinna chinna asai...:o

Raju said...

Me, I think 'Chinnachinna' was a separate FM long ago... thats why..

Wow.. Thanks a zillion to ur Mr. Kalakkittar.. Enakku velai micham.. :)

Problem is, ur chinna treat has probably overtaken ur chinna FM.. :)

Munimma said...

chinna poo is one of my faves. thanks to onnavar for nammavar's vid.

that chinna papa song - that was a dance I learnt when in II standard. I still remember some of the steps :-) And I taught the song to my older one when she was a toddler. so pleasant memories there.

what about chinna thayaval? does chinnan chiriya vanna paravai qualify? And chinna kuyil paadum?

tt_giant said...

my fav among these - Chinna mani kuyile..

sorry for my prolonged absence - i have been blogging pretty infrequently.

Me too said...

me, idhu 'chinna' FM! 'Chinna chinna' FM-le unga aasai niraivetharen!!

raju, 'Chinnanchiru' dhaan vandhirukku. 'Chinna chinna' will come in the future! Hope you could catch the chinna treat before it became a big flop!

munimma, 'Chinna kuyil paadum' dhaanga miss pannitten!!!

Deepak, maaplai, I know!! 'Inime ungalai pidikka mudiyadhunnu'!! ;)

Anurama said...

how about "Chinna ponnu dhaan vekkapadudhu" not sure of the film name. Neenga sonna maadiri "Chinna Chinna" group of songs-ku thaniya neenga oru FM list podalaam :)

Has to be me said...

Chinna chinna vanna kuil...does that qualify?

Me said...


Has to be me: idhu chinna fm...chinna chinna fm la adhu poduvaanga...

Raju said...

as soon as i saw the chance to achieve my 'Pulagaangitham', I watched the video.. really enjoyed it.. thanks once again.

Me too said...

anurama, I had to rake my brain to recollect the song you've mentioned. It is from 'Vaigasi Porandhachu' says!

htbm, me has answered you!

me, thanks for answering for me(too)!

raju, good for you! So, you like "naalai seivadhai indre seivom" kind!

Has to be me said...

ohhhhh okie!

Anonymous said...

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Deepa said...

Thalaivar kamal paattu play pannadha site ozhiga.;-)