Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Got to watch 'Kalakkapovadhu yaaru - Kamal', Saraswathi poojai special programme on Jaya TV and what a show it was!!! Generally, I am sick of those supposedly special cinema programmes that come on festival days but this one was too good!! The focus of the programme was Kamal, the musician.

First, Mr. Balamurali Krishna came on video conference and as Kamal's guru, asked him to sing a song taught by him. Kamal, the sishyan obliged.

Then came 'Padum nila' Balu!!! As they reminiscenced their good old days, pulling each other's legs whenever possible and rendering songs like "unakkenna mele nindraai", "thakida thadhimi", "neela vaana oodaiyil", "tere mere beech mein", "unna nenachen", "saandhu pottu", ... Kannukkum, sevikkum enne virundhu!!!!!!

Ms. S. Janaki, the female playback singer to have sung the most no. of duets with Kamal, came on stage and delighted the audience by singing "sundari neeyum", "inji idupazhaga" with him. Kamal recalled how his singing "one is the loneliest number" for a filmfare awards function fetched him the chance to sing "ninaivo oru paravai"' (along with 'pa..ba..pa'). 'Inji idupazhaga' was born when Kamal wanted a song like 'eh dil deewaana hai'!!!

'Chinna kuyil' Chitra came to sing "Injirango" with Annathey.

A group of young singers(there were three, one of them was Karthik, another one I heard them mention as Naresh and who was the third?) sang some lovely songs of Kamal like "adhisaya raagam", "pachai kiligal tholodu", "manaivi amaivadhellaam", "paartha vizhi" with the songs forming the answers to the questions quizzed by Ramesh Arvind. Then, they sang a series of fast songs, "varudhu varudhu", "Annathey aaduraar", "maarugo", " en jodi" etc. with infectious enthu'!

Aatchi Manorama and Annathey sang "jaambajaa jaggu, naan aalwarpetta makku"(that's how Kamal's elder sister used to sing that song to Kamal as a kid, it seems!) and "muthu kulikka vaarigala".

Some young female singers(didn't recognise anyone!) sang "unna vida", "maarugo"(sathi leelavathi), "Muthe muthamma" with Annathey.

One of the segment of the show was a chat with Director K. S. Ravikumar, Music director Bharathwaj and Prof. Gnanasambandham.

Jayam Ravi danced for 'Raja kaiya vecha'.
A guy resembling one of the 'Boys' did Kamal's andha kaalathu "ilamai idho idho" kind of songs.
The programme ended with "yaar yaar sivam". The concept, the orchestra, the group singers/dancers and above all, a fit and fantastic looking Annathey made it an enjoyable show!


Raju said...

Wow.. sema program pola? Thanks for ur excellent description.. I am gonna start searching for it on Youtube.. cant wait to see Nammavarai.

Syam said...

looks like one heck of wonderful program...its great that you remembered all the songs to write down here... :-)

Munimma said...

I feel like a darned steam engine! stomach burning and smoke out of my ears, nose and mouth!

Raju, if you find it, spread the word.

Sounds like an awesome show. may be numtv might have a recording?

Balaji said...

sounds like a cool program. would luv to watch it. raju, pass on the news if u find it on youtube :)

Me too said...

Raju, my mom told me today that it is a repeat programme and that it was shown on a Deepavali day a couple of years back!! Nevertheless, it was fantastic! Good luck with your search on youtube. FYI, it is available in the subscription site, numtv.com's archives.

Syam, danks! These songs are all that is running in my head since I saw it!!

Munimma, yes, you still can catch it on numtv as the programmes are there in the archives section for 2 weeks.

Balaji, watch it on numtv.

ttm said...

Yes it's a 2004 programme.

Transcripts and audios

mitr_bayarea said...

sounds like a great show, why doesn't Sun Tv come out with stuff like this. Your description was well written and etho program partha maathiri oru feeling.

Raju- Please pss on the you tube item, if you can find it. Thanks!

Bala (Karthik) said...

I know its a rerun but darn, i missed it!! :(

Thanks for the link :)

Anurama said...

nalla programme paakama miss pannitomenu thonudhu.. unga description romba superb. almost kannu munnadi ellariyum kondu vandhu niruthiteenga.. tanks... :)

Me too said...

ttm, I knew you would come up with some link. This was unexpected but awesome!!

B(K), how could you??!!

Anurama & Mitr, if you thought my write-up was good, you should check out the link given by ttm.

Has to be me said...

Hmmm, seems interesting. Will check it out when I get a chance

Anonymous said...

Do you get JAYA TV in Georgia?

I get SUN TV only here in TX?

Me too said...

htbm, yes, sure do!

anon, Jaya TV is available on the internet on numtv.com.